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Williams ends season with left foot surgery

The Chicago Bulls are also suffering from injuries this season.

According to the club's news, Chicago's Patrick Williams (forward, 201 cm, 98 kg) will not be able to play the rest of this season.

Williams is known to have a bad left foot. As a result, surgery is inevitable and this season is finally over.

He has been sidelined since late January. He has been away for the past month due to his foot injury. He has been absent for at least two weeks due to swelling. He was scheduled to undergo a reexamination in two weeks, but his absence was prolonged and he could not avoid surgery.

Williams played in 43 games before being injured this season. He played 27.3 minutes per game, posting 10 points (.443.399.788) with 3.9 rebounds and 1.5 assists. Having scored double digits on average for the first time last season, Williams has performed well for two consecutive seasons, posting 10 points per game this season as well.

However, his contract expires at the end of this season. Last summer, the key was whether to sign an extension with Chicago, but there was no new contract. It was reported that he wanted a contract worth $20 million per year. The contract could not be extended due to the large disagreement between the two sides.

Having entered the NBA through the 2020 draft, he was called up by Chicago as the fourth pick in the first round. He was a power forward who was a rising star at the time of the nomination. However, he has shown some signs of stagnation for years. In the second year of the 2021-2022 season, he played in only 17 games due to injury.

Although he is better than James Wiseman (Detroit), who was called as the second-ranked player, he is generally disappointed than the players who were selected after him. Except for Wiseman and Killian Hayes, Williams' growth has not been remarkable among the players selected for the Rotary Pick.

Most of all, Chicago players from the first round, who invited themselves in the 2010s, have a disappointing performance compared to other clubs. They added one round every year, but Williams is the only player except Kobe White. Chicago's nomination has been missed every time.

Meanwhile, Chicago is ranked 9th in the Eastern Conference with 26 wins and 30 losses so far this season. Although it has not been outstanding this season, it is worth pursuing to advance to the play-in tournament. However, Williams' performance has weakened significantly since the end of the season following Jack LaVine and Lonzo Ball.
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