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"The key is to gather runners in front of Choi Jung."

Coach Lee, who left for Florida in the U.S., the site of the first spring camp on the 25th of last month, returned home on the 23rd after about three weeks of training.

Asked about Ryu soon after returning to Korea, Lee said in an interview with reporters, "Fans have more things to see. I applaud your decision, as you must have thought a lot about it. It will greatly help the development of the league."

Ryu Hyun-jin's return to Korea after winning 78 games in 11 seasons in MLB is the same as a "slope" in the Korean baseball community.

However, some leaders of other teams who will face "Ryu Hyun-jin's" Hanwha in the future expressed caution, saying, "I don't want him to take the mound against our team."

However, Lee's reaction was different. "He was obviously a difficult pitcher to hit when he faced Ryu Hyun-jin while he was active. Of course, I acknowledge his capability," Lee said. "However, I think our players will be able to target him well enough."

Ryu had 13 wins over the SK Wyverns (currently SSG) as a member of the Hanwha Eagles. However, he was particularly weak against Choi.

Choi Jung-eun showed strong performance against Ryu Hyun-jin with a career batting average of 0.362 (21 hits in 58 at-bats) and four home runs.

When I delivered this to manager Lee, he laughed, saying, "Then we have to send a lot of runners in front of Choi Jung (when Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound)."

"We are going in the direction we want. Of course, Ryu Hyun-jin is a good pitcher, but if our team prepares well, it will be worth a try," he stressed again.

The reason why manager Lee may not be afraid of big leaguer-turned-pitcher is because he has confidence in the SSG squad.

"I started off very well. All the players made achievements without injury," Lee said of the results of the Florida camp. "Experienced players led the team well. I am especially grateful that Choo Shin-soo did a really good job as captain."

Coach Lee created an environment to produce the best performance with proper rest for veterans at the camp site and drew potential with strong motivation for young players.

As a result, infielder Ahn Sang-hyun (27), pitcher Han Doo-sol (27), and catcher Cho Hyung-woo (22), who had not yet seen the light, stood out in this camp.

"The training atmosphere was really good as well. Infielders Ahn Sang-hyun and pitcher Lee Woo-woon (20) were named MVP, but all the other players showed really good performances," Lee said. "The pitching of new foreign pitcher Robert Duggar (29) is beyond expectations."

Coach Lee intends to enter the real game mode in earnest at the second Taiwan Zai camp on the 25th to determine the final jade.

"Now I'm in a war zone. I'm going to use a variety of tactics," he said. "I'll try to solve the problems I haven't solved yet through practice games in Taiwan, such as how to manage the starting lineup, how to pick the main catcher, and how to determine the infield owner."
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Friday, February 23, 2024
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