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Lee Kang-in decorated the PSG line GOAT

Lee Kang-in, Korean midfielder of PSG, decorated the corner of Parc des Princes Prince Park in Paris, France. A shoe company that is sponsoring PSG, posted a photo on its social media on Wednesday.

Large photos of PSG's former and current star players occupy the steps of the Parc des Princes one by one. Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, who enjoyed the heyday of his career by winning the Korea-Japan World Cup while playing at PSG for two years from 2001 to 2003, Kylian Mbappe, who is currently playing hard as PSG's flagship striker, Nunu Mendes, Warren Zaire-Emeri, who is called the future, and Langdal Colo-Muani and Usman Dembele, who were newly recruited last summer, were placed on the steps of the Parc des Princes in the form of wrapping.

It also includes a photo of Korean star Lee Kang-in. In the photo, Lee looks straight ahead with his bangs down. He is wearing a PSG uniform underneath and a jumper. A large-sized photo filled every step of the way, making people aware of Lee Kang-in's presence at PSG Stadium.

In other words, the PSG club, which is experiencing the unimaginable effect of Lee Kang-in, has once again launched "LEE marketing." It also implies that Lee Kang-in has risen as one of PSG's star players.

Lee Kang-in, who made a surprise move to PSG from Mallorca, Spain, last summer for a fee of 31.5 billion won, is making a soft landing for both wingers and midfielders, scoring one goal and one assist in League 1. In addition, the marketing effect was outstanding, and PSG players even wore uniforms with Korean names in the away game against Le Havre on the 4th.

PSG's decision to wear Korean uniforms is due to the rapid increase in Korean fans since Lee Kang-in joined the team. According to PSG, the number of Korean fans watching PSG games at its home stadium increased by 20% in the 2023/24 season when Lee Kang-in was recruited. In addition, the number of Korean followers on PSG SNS X formerly Twitter increased by 22,000 and the number of followers on Naver increased by more than 35,000.

PSG general manager Luis Campos also seems to be surprised by Lee's popularity. "From a football point of view, I really like Lee Kang-in. It fits the player Luis Enrique wanted," he said in a recent lecture at Sorbonne University. "But I didn't think Lee Kang-in's recruitment would have an impact on Asian marketing."

In other words, PSG is surprised by Lee Kang-in's explosive marketing capability as well as his skills. The creation of the uniform is also seen as a sign that the team will strengthen the loyalty of its Korean fans. "Fans' interest in Paris has increased, and Paris has become the third largest soccer club among Korean soccer teams," PSG said.

In addition to Lee Kang-in's marketing-related explosive power, a Korean uniform was created. And a large photo of Lee Kang-in was placed on the side of the home stadium. Like the name of the shoe company, it is being treated like GOAT early.

Earlier, Lee Kang-in was shocked when he was found to have been treated insultingly by his former team Valencia. According to Spanish media outlet Lelebo on Tuesday, Jose Bordalas, who is currently in charge of Getafe, recalled Lee Kang-in ahead of the match against Valencia on Tuesday. When he was appointed to Valencia in 2021, he had to send Lee out because he couldn't even communicate with Lee Kang-in.

According to Lelebo, Bordalas also confessed in May, "They the leadership of Valencia said that as soon as I arrived at the club, I had to sell Lee Kang-in. They said Lee Kang-in was a very bad player," adding, "I couldn't understand. He said he had to leave no matter what because he was a bad player. I was surprised. Even after training with Lee Kang-in for only two days, I told my coaches that Lee Kang-in was the best and I couldn't understand selling Lee Kang-in."

"I couldn't do anything. The club released Lee Kang-in as an FA. I was a young player, but I remember telling the coaching staff that he was the best throughout the two days of training together," he added.

And even ahead of the upcoming showdown, Bordalas once again criticized Valencia's decision to sell Lee Kang-in, saying, "There was pressure from the club. I had to let young players play in the first division, but the club was in a hurry to sell players."

As such, Lee has been treated poorly by Valencia, but his skills and potential have not changed. After playing for Majorca for two years, Lee has become a central midfielder of PSG, a world-renowned professional baseball team, beyond France. His team is also treating him accordingly.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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