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Van Kero had a successful All-Star Weekend.

Paolo Vanquero of the Orlando Magic had an interview with Sports Illustrated on Tuesday. Vanquero talked about his first All-Star Game.

Van Kero wore the Orlando jersey as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Rookie Draft. He has been named rookie of the year since the rookie season, showing a distinct presence.

Van Kero has continued his momentum in this season, which is his second year in the team. He is leading the Orlando team with an average of 23.0 points, 6.9 rebounds, and a success rate of 36.5 percent for three-point shooting. As a result, Van Kero had the honor of being selected as the first All-Star in his career.

Van Kero had six points, nine rebounds, and five assists in the All-Star Game. His performance was not as noticeable as other players. However, he expressed joy at participating in the All-Star Game itself.

Van Kero said, "The All-Star game was amazing. I enjoyed the All-Star game with a smile all night long. I've been really looking forward to the day of the All-Star game. It was special just to be with all the fans and players."

In particular, Van Kero noted his meeting with Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James.

Van Kero said, "I liked LeBron James the most. I couldn't believe I played with him in the All-Star Game. In fact, I hope LeBron continues his career for a few more years. But even if he quit, I respect him."

This All-Star Game also served as an opportunity to strengthen Van Kero's determination. He set the path he should take while meeting superstars he met at the All-Star Game.

"Older players have already completed their careers. Some players in their prime are completing their careers, while others are chasing after them," Van Kero said. "I think this is a good influence on the league. Young guns like me should pursue their own paths after their seniors."

Meanwhile, the playoff competition will begin in earnest. Orlando, with 30 wins and 25 losses as of Tuesday, is ranking eighth in the Eastern Conference. Ace Vanke is also playing hardball.

"We talked in the locker room at the All-Star game about how intense it will be after the break. We're ready to go back to the court. We can compete in the playoffs. I'm happy to think about meeting everyone in Orlando."
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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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