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Spain could ban gambling advertising

Ombudsman Submits Recommendation On Ban On Gambling Advertising In Spain.

Spain's ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, has again insisted on gambling advertisements. He has submitted recommendations to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs to ban gambling advertisements. He has asked that gambling advertisements be banned in Spain completely within the submission period. However, certain time limits were recommended if restrictions were applied.

The official was based on data submitted to the WHO's opinion branding game addiction a disease. So he thinks Spain should ban gambling ads in the mainstream media.

If the complete ban fails, he said, "We will extend the ban." In addition, he explained, "Children's viewing time should be free of gambling ads, and any celebrity should show them advertising gambling."

Opinions from other regions
In Galicia, the rule change will place restrictions on 118 gaming rooms and 41 betting shops. The government is on track to pass those rules, and according to the Galician Gambling Commission, they aim to close the market before the next law on gaming is announced.

Emiliano García-Page also announced a new gaming bill in Castilla-La Mancha. The president of the municipality wants the municipality to restrict the opening of new gambling halls.

"We are very worried about young people getting involved in gambling," he said. "We want to stop it before it develops further," he added.

However, Spain's gambling industry is worried because he froze 10 gaming licenses for approval in 2019. The region certainly faces stricter laws and gambling could be in trouble.
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Monday, February 19, 2024
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