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Cantlay lost to Matsuyama in the final... Turns out it's the flu

Patrick Cantlay, who led the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational for three days but lost the final round on the 19th (Korea time), caught the flu and played on the last day.

Cantlay refused to interview the media after the tournament, but according to his coach, the golf channel reported on the 20th that Cantlay's body temperature rose to 38 degrees when he woke up on the last morning.

Cantlay was particularly sluggish among the frontrunners in the final round. He continued par-marching without getting a single birdie through the ninth hole, made bogey at the 10th hole (par 4) before garnering his first birdie in the final round at the 11th hole (par 5). However, he was completely eliminated from the competition by making bogey at the 13th and 15th holes (par 4).

He missed a long birdie putt at Hole 18 (par 4), but was already four strokes behind Hideki Matsuyama of Japan.

Among the players who started the final round in the top five, Cantlay and Jason Day (Australia) are the only players who scored over par.

Matsuyama's performance was amazing as he dropped by nine shots on the last day, but Cantlay's sudden lackluster performance was also a mystery as he was in the lead for three days and was on the verge of winning wire-to-wire. It turned out that it was because of the flu.

Tiger Woods (US), the host of this tournament and the first regular competition in 10 months, also withdrew due to dizziness during the second round, and later announced that it was due to the flu.
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Monday, February 19, 2024
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