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Volleyball clubs are closed due to population decline

Like a car with a broken brake, the rate of decline in the domestic fertility rate is increasing noticeably. If this continues, we may actually have to worry about the disaster of population extinction that was only in the movie.

Population decline can be felt in volleyball as well. At the national elementary school volleyball tournament held last month during the federation's presidential term, the damage caused by population decline was directly visible to the public. As it was the first competition in 2024, a total of 35 teams including 21 teams for men's elementary school and 14 teams for women's elementary school participated in the event. As it is the first competition in 2024, a total of 35 teams including 21 teams for men's elementary school and 14 teams for women's elementary school participated in the event.

Twenty-one elementary school boys' teams qualified in six groups, while 14 elementary school girls' teams qualified in four groups. As commentators for the semifinals and finals, I watched every game from preliminary to quarterfinals. Parents posted placards around the gymnasium to cheer up the players. Then, I saw a placard that stood out.

The placards read, "We are recruiting players for the Oga elementary school volleyball team. Any elementary school students across the country who want to play volleyball, please contact us!" and “Chairman, please allow our children to play volleyball.” Of course, he stood out among many cheering placards and met with officials from the Elementary School Federation to hear their stories.

Usually, more than 12 players from each school participate in the competition, but only seven were from Oga Elementary School. Oga Elementary School is located in Yesan County, South Chungcheong Province, with a total of 44 students entering the school in 2024, and zero freshmen entering the school, so the school managed to form a team and participate in the competition. This was not the only problem this year. Coach Jang Hyo-sil had only six players, making it difficult to participate in the competition, but he was able to send his grandchildren to Oga Elementary School to run a volleyball team.

As can be seen from the fact that all teams said collectively, “You may not feel it in the metropolitan area, but it is different in the provinces,” the number of students in local schools has recently decreased, and the number of schools that reduce classes or close schools has increased significantly. Under such circumstances, sports directors are also in a position that it is very difficult to supply and demand players. Currently, there are about 50 teams registered in the elementary school volleyball federation, but only about 40 teams are actually active. The remaining teams were inactive for various reasons, but many of them could not form teams due to lack of people to participate in the game.

The reputable Oga elementary school volleyball team was on the verge of closing down and had to choose. Leaving the prestigious school with 30 years of tradition, they had to find a school that could keep the volleyball team within the school. However, the school failed to achieve this goal due to negative perception of the sports department and opposition from some parents. As the Yesan County Council raised the issue of the existence of the sports department, discussions are underway with the sports association and the education office to relocate the volleyball team.

Despite this, Oga Elementary School had only one substitute (six fifth and 14th graders) from Oga Elementary School at the men's elementary volleyball tournament of the 32nd Chungnam Student Sports Festival held at Cheonan High School Gymnasium in October last year. She participated without substitutes and won the title. She also won the preliminary round without losing a set to advance to the semifinals, but unfortunately lost to Myeonmok Elementary School and finished the tournament in third place.
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