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He failed as a coach once again

The Korea Football Association held an emergency executive meeting including Chairman Chung Mong-kyu at the Korea Football Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the 16th and announced the replacement of Klinsmann. It has been exactly 354 days since it announced the appointment of Klinsmann on February 27 last year.

On the previous day (15th), the Korea Football Association`s national power reinforcement committee visited the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup and agreed to replace Klinsmann. After a long meeting, Klinsmann has concluded that it is no longer possible.

Hwang Ji-soo, head of the technology division, explained, "The committee decided that it was difficult for Klinsmann to demonstrate leadership as a national team coach anymore, so opinions were gathered that it was necessary to replace him."

Chairman Chung, who received the recommendation of the Power Enhancement Committee, immediately convened an emergency executive meeting the next day and decided to replace Klinsmann. As a result of some prediction, the Klinsmann system was left as the worst memory in Korean soccer history, regardless of the failure of the Asian Cup.

Coach Klinsmann, who has been chaotic since the appointment process, has been criticized for his work from home to K-League neglect and radio skills. On top of that, the Asian Cup semifinal match was also Moon Jae-in, but the dismissal was confirmed as a conflict between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in broke out.

Chung Mong-gyu, who disappeared after the semifinal match, finally showed up in person. "I was briefed by the association's executive committee members. At this meeting, we discussed about the coach of the national team. After comprehensively evaluating the discussion, we decided to dismiss the coach," he said in announcing the replacement of Klinsmann.

Chairman Chung Mong-gyu said, "We failed to display what we had expected, including the ability to develop players' abilities, players' management skills and leadership. Klinsmann chose to replace the coach as his role and attitude did not meet expectations and sentiments. We will start working on the appointment of a new coach."

Meanwhile, ahead of his replacement, South Korea national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann posted a picture of the national team and a message on his personal social media on the afternoon of the 16th, saying, "I sincerely thank all the players, coaching staff, and all Korean fans."

"Thank you for your support in reaching the Asian Cup semi-finals and thank you for your amazing journey of 13 consecutive matches unbeaten over the past 12 months," he added.

He made his achievements look great in many ways, while appealing his dismissal as unfair. However, if you look at the target of 13 matches without loss, you can see that even this argument is absurd. Literally, most of them are games that are supposed to be won, or games that they struggled to win after a poor game.

According to Klinsmann's unbeaten record of 13 games, they are 1-1 against El Selvador, 0-0 against Wales, 1-0 against Saudi Arabia, 4-0 against Tunisia, 6-0, Vietnam, 5-0 against Singapore, 2-0 against China, and 1-0 against Iraq. They win 3-1 against Bahrain, 2-0 against Jordan, 3-1 against Malaysia, 1-1 against Saudi Arabia, and 2-1 overtime against Australia in the Asian Cup.

Not only were most of the matches tied, but the winning matches were also won at home and weak. It is literally worthless. The next match against Australia is against Jordan, which is said to have lost the Asian Cup without doing anything in the history of Korean soccer.

Shortly after Klinsmann's dismissal, Frankfurt Rutsau of Germany, his motherland, said, "Klinsmann's smile was criticized because of his appearance after the Asian Cup was eliminated. This proves his failure as a coach," and pointed out, "The post he posted on his SNS shortly after his dismissal shows that it is an amazing journey."

The media said, "Coach Klinsmann failed to achieve his goal at all when he took office and was hated by Korean fans. Still, his remote command of California was a problem," and pointed out, "Klinsmann's farewell speech can be seen as full of confidence, but in fact, he has his own problems that he knows."

"Klinsman is still well-established because of his smile and reputation as a player. However, he is not a fundamental person as a coach. He will continue to do so," he said. "As we suspected in Korea, Klinsman will receive a large penalty. Maybe he will smile again."
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Sunday, February 18, 2024
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