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At this point alone, the outline is somewhat out.

The overall composition of this rookie draft is certainly strong in pitchers. On the fielders' side, there is no indication that any position is particularly strong. Overall, the draft is centered on pitchers, but it is a form in which a few outstanding fielders intervene in the dark horse.

First of all, the Big Five came out in a way.They are Hwang Joon-seo (Jangchung High School), Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon High School), Jeon Mir (Gyeongbuk High School), Yuk Sun-yeop (Jangchung High School), and Kim Hwi-gun (Hwi-moon High School).

It should be said that these five have already been outlined to some extent at the end of the presidential ship. Hanwha, Doosan, Lotte, Samsung, and NC are likely to play the players in turn.

The question is next in line. Compared to the past, KIA has changed the most. It is not clear whether it will change or remain the same as the existing choice. The KIA Tigers are struggling to select players, including Shim Jae-hak, the head of the team, to the extent that they continue to hold heated meetings until the weekend.

KIA is divided over Cho Dae-hyun and Won Sang-hyun. Cho Dae-hyun has been in very bad shape recently. The speed is also very low.

An official from a club said, "It is highly likely that Cho Dae-hyun will not be able to pitch at the moment. I think I lost a lot of weight. "We may think about Cho Dae-hyun and Won Sang-hyun, or a third candidate may come out," he predicted.

For your information, KIA currently has no intention of naming a fielder. Only right-handed pitchers are on the list of candidates and are considering it. If KIA goes to a standard designation, the first round is more likely to flow in a more standard direction.

Another official said, "Once you look at it right now, Won Sang-hyun is much better. That goes without saying. However, the high point itself is high in Cho Dae-hyun. However, Cho Dae-hyun should be prepared for taking some time. I think Won Sang-hyun is the right choice if you try to use it quickly, and Cho Dae-hyun if you try to raise it to take some time over the high point. However, Won Sang-hyun takes some elbow injuries. "Kt's choice may vary depending on KIA's choice," he said.

However, not many officials expect that Cho Dae-hyun will be out of the second round just because he is pushed back. Most officials believe that Cho Dae-hyun and Won Sang-hyun will both be nominated within the first round.

Jeon Joon-pyo is the second most likely player to be nominated in the first round after Cho Dae-hyun and Won Sang-hyun. Jeon Joon-pyo is also expected to be named in the first round. Jeon Joon-pyo is said to be disappointed with the breaking ball, but his pitching form is soft and his control is good. On top of that, the height is good, so there is a high possibility in the future.

Along with Jeon Jun-pyo, the right-hander who is drawing attention is Kim Yoon-ha. Kim Yoon-ha is also a player who is likely to be nominated in the first round at this point. It is evaluated that there are some ups and downs, but the pitching form is pretty, he can throw in the late 140km range, and he has enough breaking balls.

It is also evaluated that the tip of the ball is good because of its good grip. In fact, he has led Jangchung High School. Therefore, Lee will also be a strong candidate for the first round.

There are only two fielders who can be candidates for the first round. They are Park Ji-hwan (Se Sang-hwa) and Yeo Dong-gun (Seoul High School). For reference, catcher Lee Sang-joon, another attention-grabbing fielder, is not easy to enter the first round.
Park Ji-hwan and Yeo Dong-gun are observing everything from kt to SSG together.

The possibility of both being nominated in the 1R cannot be ruled out, but the current atmosphere is that only one person is more likely to enter the 1R than both. If that happens, there is a good chance that one person will come down to the first round and one to the second round. At this point, it is right to view Park Ji-hwan as the biggest fish in the field. At this point, Park Ji-hwan seems to be slightly ahead of Yeo Dong-gun.

Anyway, so far, a total of 11 people will be among the leading candidates for the 1R. So far, it is most likely that these 11 players will enter the first round.

The odds are not high. But if it makes a surprise variable, it's just two left-handed pitchers

It's not very likely. But the draft is like a living creature. I can't let go of the tension until the last day. Attention should be paid to whether there is a "surprise pick" until the moment you enter the draft. At this point, the position that is likely to create variables in the first round is a "left-handed pitcher."

The players who should be most interested in are Son Hyun-ki and Jung Hyun-soo. In addition to the 11 players above, these two players can be cited if there is any possibility of entering the first round.

Son Hyun-ki has a lot of likes and dislikes by each club. Therefore, the probability is not high. You may go to the first round with a surprise pick, but you may be behind more than expected. This is because only certain clubs consider Son Hyun-ki as a candidate. Son Hyun-ki is considered to have a better potential than Cho Dong-wook or Jung Hyun-soo as long as he is stable.

However, some clubs are not on the top nomination list at all, so it is not easy to predict the exact round. It is important whether a specific club will nominate Son Hyun-ki in the first round.

At this point, it is unlikely that college graduates will enter the first round. However, Chung Hyun-soo is the only player who can consider the variable.

And Jung Hyun-soo, like Son Hyun-ki, is paying attention to certain clubs. If the club names Jung Hyun-soo, it will enter the first round, but if not, it is likely to go down. That's why the odds are not high.

An official from a club said, "If a college graduate enters the 1R, there is only one candidate, Chung Hyun-soo. "However, other clubs besides certain clubs will probably not nominate college graduates in the first round," he said.

For reference, Cho Dong-wook, one of the left-handed troika, is not easy to enter the 1R. However, the prevailing prediction is that it will go well in 2R. This is because there are many teams that need left-handed pitchers, so Cho Dong-wook could be an attractive card.

So far, the overall atmosphere has a strong preference for pitchers over fielders.
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Sunday, February 18, 2024
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