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Mourinho, who was proud of Manchester United, praised Ratcliffe

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mori showed his affection for his former team.

"Mourinho was dismissed from Manchester United in 2018, but I believe the investment and promotion of new co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe will lead Manchester United on the right path," the British "Mirror" reported on the 15th.

Mourinho showed his affection for his former team. Mourinho has achieved many achievements at the club. Despite the poor performance so far, such as winning the UEFA Europa League and ranking second in the Premier League, Mourinho has performed as well. Although he was dismissed before the third year, he had fond memories of Manchester United.

Mourinho said, "I know Sir Ratcliffe very well. We have had a great relationship for a few years. Ratcliffe has experience with other sports, cycling, and more. I have a great feeling that things can go right and I really hope they do." With Sir Ratcliffe appointed as the new owner, he cheered for his old team, saying he hoped United would now take the right path.

Sir Ratcliffe was officially approved earlier this month after taking over a 25 per cent minority stake in Manchester United on Christmas Day last year. He is expected to start a full-fledged "reorganisation" of Manchester United.

Sir Ratcliffe was the first to call for stadium renovation. Old Trafford, Manchester United's home stadium, has deteriorated considerably, not living up to its reputation as the "theater of dreams." The same applies to the Carrington training ground. Sir Ratcliffe is said to be searching for land to build a new stadium and training ground.

People within the club have also been reorganized. Omar Verada, who led Manchester City's success, has become the new CEO, and Dan Ashworth, former coach of Newcastle United, is expected to be hired. He will reportedly pay Newcastle compensation as well.

Mourinho also applauded. "A lot has definitely changed since I left the club five years ago. It's definitely getting better," he said. He expressed a positive stance on Sir Ratcliffe's move to lead a radical change.

He added that his memories at Manchester United were also good. "I was so proud to go to Old Trafford, and I was even more proud of the reaction of the crowd to me when I went back to Old Trafford as a Sky commentator a few years later. I felt a sense of pride and responsibility," Mourinho said.

Many years have passed since Manchester United's baton was put down, but Mourinho's affection for Manchester United remained.
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Friday, February 16, 2024
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