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When the hell is it coming?

Tottenham's troubled complex 'injured again'… "I took a year off, but I have to wait a few more weeks."

When will he be able to play? Ryan Sessegnon, a rising star who can play left winger or full-back, is becoming a hotbed for Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham news media "Tottenham News" quoted an interview by renowned physical therapist and sports scientist Rajpal Brar on the 15th  and said, "Segnon will be further excluded from the game over the next few weeks."

"He's in a vicious circle of continuous injuries. He's having a very hard time getting out of that loop," Brar told the media. He said he can't play because he continues to get injured even after recovering from the injury.

"Playing and spending time as healthy as possible will take a very long time to achieve," Brar said. "There may be lack of sleep, excessive stress, and lack of nutrition the cause of recurrence of the injury." "It is very important to exercise muscle strength and to control your condition well," he added.

He also predicted, "Moving quickly to identify and solve the cause of the problem will be an important key to breaking the vicious cycle," adding, "He is expected to be absent for several more weeks."

Currently, Sessegnon is considered one of the players whose injuries have hampered him.

Sessegnon, who joined Tottenham in 2019, was expected to be a player who could threaten even big league defenders with his fast main force when he joined the team. After coming to Tnum, he showed a series of below-expecting performances and was excluded from Jose Mourinho's options at the time.

However, considering that he did not have much experience because he was a young prospect, he left for Germany's TSG Hoffenheim before the opening of the 2020-2021 season and performed well as an aggressive left wingback.

In the Bundesliga alone, he showed steady growth with 29 games, scoring two goals and three assists, and building a solid record. Returning a season later, Sessegnon quickly emerged as a new player in charge of Tottenham's side with his increased defense and sharp attack in the second half of the 2021-2022 season.

However, a hamstring injury that had held him back throughout his career got in his way again. He suffered a hamstring injury while training in the second half of the 2022-2023 season.

In addition, Destiny Udogi, who returned to Tottenham last summer after finishing his loan spell in Udinese, Italy, is loved by manager Anji Postecoglou, making it difficult to expect a performance at left-back, his main position. Udogi has been selected by Postecoglou this season and is showing stable defense and ability to participate in attacks in 20 games. In December, he even scored his Premier League debut goal in a league match against Newcastle United.

Sessegnon is on the losing list in hospital conditions. Sessegnon, who was deployed as a winger in the 38th minute of the second half of the FA Cup third round match against Burnley on the 6th, made his first comeback in 11 months, but failed to show much performance. Then he was injured again. Alessdair Gold, a reporter for Football London, a London-based media outlet, said, "Sessegnon cannot be listed in the match against Brentford due to injury."

In the end, Postecoglou is also in serious trouble over the future of Sessegnon.

Real Thomas, a reporter for British sports media "Sky Sports," appeared on Tottenham podcast "Last Words on Spurs" late last month and said Postecoglou is expected to decide whether to withdraw before the start of next season after checking Sessegnon's performance with his eyes.

"Right now, Sessegnon is expected to stay in the team rather than transfer," he said. "As far as I understand, Postecoglou currently wants Sessegnon to stay." "Postecoglou uses Sessegnon for the game and checks his skills with his eyes and tries to determine if he is the right player for his tactics."
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Thursday, February 15, 2024
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