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Mobile and motivating as well as millennials

With more properties adopting Agged Nation's services on the company's website listing eight customer attributes, it began collecting reliable data on how customers were using the program.

Epstein said, "When we built the system, we had some expectations, and we were surprised that we were able to go beyond even the level we had."

He tells the story of a focus group they ran last fall, and a woman asked when she would prosecute her.

"Someone across the table asked, 'Do you play?' and she said, 'I live 20 minutes from here every day.' She said, 'I keep hanging out, I watch specials of food and drink. So I don't like to cook, so now I eat here three or four times a week.' And the person asks, 'Well, how do you make the most of it?' She goes, 'What do you mean? Go on, I look, print out the reward, and go to the property.'

And he said, 'When you go to that restaurant, how do you get there?' She said, 'Oh, I walk across the floor.' He said, 'Do you go through the machine?' He said, 'Of course I go through the machine!' She said, 'Do you want to play?' She said, 'Oh, they want me to play more!'

"I was just sitting there watching. And she said, 'You know what? They're not charging me money, they're getting gifts in return, and I like to play. So that's fine with me.'

The focus group found that customers in general liked the program because it was different, and most customer attributes prefer to focus on older customers. Much of the target market is retired, and there is not only disposable income but also disposable time.

According to their traffic data, Engaged Nation's customer base also includes a significant percentage of office workers. Epstein reports that they see regular traffic from around 15 or 20 accounts at one IP address. Suspecting cheating, they examined it and found a group of co-workers from an unnamed company competing against each other.

But according to traffic information, players are more likely to save their actual games until they leave the office. Epstein reported that it is a frequent behavior pattern for people to check their emails at work, click on promotions, leave work with their phones, and play games on their computers or tablets when they arrive home. Overall mobile engagement varies from customer to customer, but averages between 30 percent and 45 percent.

"It's become useful and accessible across all devices," Epstein says. "Today we're mobile-friendly and responsive to our site because it's important. Nevertheless, around 20-30 percent of our websites are still mobile-friendly and not responsive. That's the latest data I've seen."

According to a demographic report by Epstein, young players he doesn't often need to be targeted - millennials and now huge demographers in their 20s and 30s - have been harshly criticized by marketers for the past few years.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2024
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