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Skill development award

Wonju DB won 82-68 against Seoul SK in the fifth round of 2023-2024 professional basketball held at Wonju Gymnasium on the 13th.

The DB has never missed the top spot from the beginning of the season to the middle of the fifth round, but there have been some crises in between. In particular, there were many cases of struggling to catch up after struggling to catch up with games with poor early starts until the middle and late stages.

It's the same before, but even recently, coach Kim Joo-sung continues to emphasize the start of the game in pre-interviews.

Prior to the game, DB was the only team that failed to have an upper hand in the face-to-face confrontation with SK. Even SK manager Jeon Hee-chul has been explaining preparations to make DB's offensive flow frustrating since the first quarter.

However, Park In-woong did not look at this.

Park In-woong embarrassed coach Jeon Hee-chul by hitting three 3-pointers in a row from the first quarter as a starting lineup. Jeff Widy flew around the inside, and Park In-woong succeeded in fielding again and again from the outside.

Park In-woong's performance in offense took a break for a while, but he contributed to his team through defense and bad work. He also scored a point to counterattack SK by making a breakthrough in the fourth quarter, which was a showdown between the two teams. Park played at 25 minutes and 30 seconds, and recorded 13 points and two rebounds.

After the game, Park said, "It was the last game before the break. We won a valuable victory against a strong team called SK. I feel like I made up for the victory that I gave to KT."

Park In-woong, who showed off his hot shot from the first quarter, said, "We were trying to attack each other in the morning, and they gave me my chance, but all the shots went in. I think the part where he recognized that part and came out confidently went well together," smiling.

Park In-woong is one of the 3&D players representing DB in this season. Through his outstanding 3-point shooting and robust activities in defense, he is clearly narrowing the radius of strikers' activities. He exudes considerable energy from both offense and defense, but Park rarely shows signs of struggle.

Park In-woong said, "If it's hard to emphasize even a little on the bench, they ask me to send a replacement signature right away. And when I'm on the court, they want me to put my all into it. I believe that Seung-wook (Choi) and Young-hyun (Kim) are behind me. I'm comfortably going into the game," he said.

Park In-woong, who wore a DB uniform as the third priority in the first round last season, has clearly stepped up this season. This is why he is mentioned as a candidate for the skills development award along with Oh Jae-hyun and Han Hee-won.

Park In-woong said, "I am playing basketball happily. It would be a lie if I don't have any greed in terms of skills and development, but I am satisfied if I grow further in the current situation. The team's victory is also the top priority. As the team is ranking first, my goal is to maintain that goal until the end of the season. I think there will be good results if the order goes well and the team maintains good performance."

Lastly, Park In-woong said, "I learned a lot about the path and flow of basketball from (Park) Chan-hee during the off-season. Even today, Cha Ni teaches me so much that he is proud to be a one-stroke instructor. Strangely, we keep getting along. I will keep asking him to tell me."
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Tuesday, February 13, 2024
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