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Mega Moolah of microgaming hits seven-figure jackpot

Microgaming's global progressive slot Mega Mulla has paid a whopping €3,252,353.70 (roughly £2,772,916.45) prize at the Genesis casino.

On November 8, 2019, a player who wants to remain anonymous in the U.K. won a seven-figure award after betting 7.25 euros (£6.25).

A dividend payment of €3,252,353.70 has begun at the Genesis Casino, and the prize money will be paid in a lump sum, not a pension, just as all the prizes will be paid on MicroGaming's progressive jackpot network.

Founded in 2014 by experienced and passionate experts, Genesis Global Co., Ltd. quickly arrives at the forefront of online entertainment and operates it in collaboration with skilled and passionate people.

Last month marked the 13th anniversary of Mega Mullah's record-breaking games, which began in 2006. To date in 2019, MicroGaming's incremental jackpot network has paid more than €121 million out of more than 1.7 million jackpots. During this period, more than 10 winners took 7-digit or 8-digit jackpots, which equated to a victory of more than 50 million euros, and more than 570 players took more than 10,000 euros.
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Monday, February 12, 2024
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