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"I'll deal with the bullying player."

Ulsan held a press conference for the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp at Hotel Hyundai Bye Lahan in Ulsan on the 7th. Kim Ki-hee (captain), Joo Min-gyu, Kim Min-woo and Um Won-sang (hereinafter referred to as vice-captain) who were appointed to the captain's team this season attended the meeting and explained the background of the captain's appointment.

Ulsan, which succeeded in winning its second consecutive league title for the first time in the team last season, is aiming for its third consecutive victory this season. It has steadily strengthened its efforts ahead of the new season and has even completed the appointment of captains.

Kim Ki-hee and Joo Min-gyu have decided to serve consecutive terms as captain and vice-captain, respectively. Coach Hong's favorite, freshman Kim Min-woo, and ace Um Won-sang, who was responsible for the Ulsan side attack last season, have newly joined the captain's team as vice-captain.

Kim Min-woo, who was with Hong in the Asian qualifiers for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2012 London Olympics, is expected to serve as a bridge between the team and the coaching staff. Um Won-sang, who is from Gwangju and is in his third year in Ulsan this year, has been receiving a lot of expectations as he joined the captain's team with trust from his seniors and juniors by showing sincerity in winter training.

Kim Ki-hee, who was named captain since September last year and led the team again this year, said, "It's an honor to be captain in my fifth year in Ulsan. I think I should start this season with more responsibility."

Joo Min-gyu, who was the top scorer with 17 goals in the league last season, said, "It hasn't been long since I came to Ulsan, but it's an honor to be a vice captain. I will help you achieve good results in the right direction."

Kim said, "It is an honor to take the position of vice-captain when I move out. I will do my best to support Kim Ki-hee so that the team can be successful."

Um Won-sang, the youngest of the captain's group, said, "I don't know why you're here. I'm a little worried because I never thought I'd take on this position. I'll take care of the bad things because I'm the youngest. I'll lead you to a team."

Kim Min-woo expressed his gratitude, saying, "I'm adapting well thanks to Min Joo-gyu's territoriality."

When Kim Ki-hee and Joo Min-gyu pointed out themselves as freshmen that they are looking forward to this season, Kim Min-woo said, "I don't know if I'm putting pressure on them, but I feel good. It's my job to do it as much as possible to repay that expectation." It was my first winter training, but I think Mingyu is a little bit territorial. "I think it's something that people just tell me to speak well." No one touches me. I don't touch them well in the team, and they seem to help me adjust quickly when young players are having a hard time."

Kim pointed out Ko as the most anticipated player. "I've tried it with other new players, and I've tried it with existing players, and I want to point out Ko. I'm looking forward to it because I know it well."

Um Won-sang, who was appointed vice-captain of Ulsan in his third year, said, "It's not enough to say that I'm full yet. I was also lucky to be a member of the league's second consecutive losing streak in the process. I'll try to learn a lot from the brothers next to me so that I can have more time."

Um Won-sang, who said, "Honestly, I don't think I have leadership," laughed, saying, "When I came in (the press conference), the coach told me to deal with the players I didn't like. I think I should whip Young-woo."

However, Um Won-sang, viewed by the seniors, was a player with enough leadership to lead the team.

Captain Kim Ki-hee said, "I talked to the coach and the reason why I recommended Won-won was because he was a suitable player because he was in the middle of the age. I don't think he has said a word with me for two years, but I thought that I would be encouraged if he led the junior players during this season's winter training, so I recommended it to the coach."

Joo Min-gyu explained, "I talked about Won-won while sharing the same room with Ki-hee during winter training. I felt that Won-won has leadership. Looking at the players and the demands on the field, I knew that Won-won had leadership, and I thought he was a good player with good leadership."

Kim Min-woo also said, "I think it was the first day of winter training, but Won-won came first and talked to me. I thought it would be very quiet, but I was surprised to see him approaching first," adding, "I think I will show good leadership if I show myself to other players more often."
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Saturday, February 10, 2024
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