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The company, which is known to operate 22 gambling facilities

River Rock Casino, located at the heart of the money laundering scandal, posted an official statement on its website, highlighting that Great Canadian Gaming Corporation always supports additional gaming corporations from British Columbia Lotto Corporation (BC).

Following the recent shocking revelations related to a casino report a year ago announcing complex money laundering plans at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, Great Canada Gaming Corporation has released a report to shed its reputation from all attacks. The company took the opportunity to break speculation that Great Canada Gaming Corporation was the subject of investigation. River Rock casino operators claim that even their casino employees are helping them with statements that help employees of River-Lawing companies.

The provider detailed that Riverlock is undergoing 25 compliance reviews by BCLC game compliance officers. Separately, Richmond Casino checks compliance with BCC's anti-money laundering regulations every two years. In fact, BCC casinos submit questionable transaction reports to BCLC. BCC Casino denies possibility only for large exchanges of Canadian financial watchdog FINTAC.

Canadian Games Company's Action to Prevent Money Laundering
The company explained that it has taken strict measures to prevent money laundering at gambling houses. According to the company, players can receive checks for the prize money. In other words, the so-called "convenience check" that pays the player back the initial purchase is only available once a week, not exceeding $10,000. The third way to get a check from BC Casino is to get cash from a sponsored game fund (PGF) account established by a financial institution.
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Friday, February 9, 2024
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