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Canberra speaks of hope.

KIA Tigers is considered one of the three strongest teams along with defending champions LG Twins and KT Wiz this year. Looking at various simulations, some say that KIA is slightly better than LG and KT. Of course, it is true that there should not be many injuries like last year, and foreign pitchers such as Will Crow and James Nail have to win at least 10 games.

Even so, a series of injuries last year was a bad luck, and after the end of last season, he improved the foreign scouting part and pulled out a ball-like one-two punch. ~Ramen is more reliable than other ramen, raising my eyebrows.

On the other hand, Ko Woo-suk (San Diego Padres) left for the Major League, and Ham Deok-ju is uncertain to return to the team in the first half due to injury. Lee joined the military. Hence, if there is a change in LG's mound, it will create an environment for Kia to hit the mound. Of course, Kia insiders are very cautious, and analysts say that KT, which maintained almost all of its strength last year, is strong.

While watching the camp, players have an intuition that it is "all-time winning power." Choi said, "I think this season is a season that our team can win the title this year. I'm looking forward to it. KIA's bullpen is also a team that can produce good results, and it's in the top ranks." Jang Hyun-sik also said, "If no player is missing because of pain, it will not collapse against any other team."

Kim Dae-yu, a former LG Twins player, raised his voice. "We have to compete against LG. There is a possibility. In the case of bullpen pitcher, diversity is good. I have to fulfill that role. I want to stand up this year. From a cold perspective, I think our team's performance is good. I love it."

In the case of Kim Dae-yu, he asked who would be excluded from LG, and when asked about the trio above, he said, "Then we prefer the bullpen as well." There is no reason why Kia's bullpen is lagging behind LG in both quantity and quality. The key is whether pitchers who did well last year will continue to show good pace this season while avoiding overload.

Na Seong-beom said, "Thank you for your positive assessment that we're a strong team. We look forward to it. We need to show good performance accordingly." Byun Woo-hyuk also said, "I like our members. It's my first time playing baseball among such members."

Even Byun Woo-hyuk said, "I thought I could win the championship from the time I came to KIA as a trade." Byun Woo-hyuk is right because he had good objective members in the 2023 season, but there were no foreign pitchers, and there were many injuries. It is important to prepare well so that it does not happen for two consecutive years.

One of the players whom the reporter met on the day expressed caution. Surprisingly, he was Yoon Young-chul in his second year. "You'll have to try it to find out. Even our starters don't know until they actually try it. This is due to injury variables. Of course, the older members prepare well," he said.

It is February of hope. There is also a joke that any team expects to win 100 games at this time of year. Even so, it is true that Kia's performance this year seems to be better than any other season. It is the players' responsibility and the leaders' responsibility to prepare not to fall into the trap of hope. This is also a key point that the new coach should not overlook.
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Friday, February 9, 2024

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