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‘FC Seoul imminent’

Lingard takes a proof shot of boarding the plane to Korea Arrival today

Final contract after 7-day medical test. Press conference held on the 8th and Japan's Jeon Hoon joins.

Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard (31), an attacking midfielder from the England national team who is preparing to join professional soccer club FC Seoul, announced his imminent advance to the K-League stage by posting a 'proof shot' of boarding a plane to Korea.

On the 5th, Lingard posted a photo of himself waiting to check in his luggage at the airport on his Instagram account.

The airport counter electronic display board said ‘Korean Air.’The location in the photo is in front of the Korean Air Prestige (F86) and First (F87) counters at Heathrow Airport in London, England.

Lingard is scheduled to arrive at Incheon Airport this afternoon and begin final negotiations to join Seoul.

Jesse Lingard posted a proof photo before boarding a flight to Korea.

Since much of the agreement has already been reached, Lingard will undergo a medical test on the 6th, sign a contract on the 7th, and meet Korean fans for the first time at a press conference on the 8th, if all goes as planned.

After the introductory press conference, the plan is to join the Seoul team that is undergoing field training in Kagoshima, Japan, and begin strengthening in earnest.

Lingard, who is about to join Seoul, boasts the most spectacular specifications among foreign players in K-League history.

Lingard, an attacking force who played 32 games (6 goals) for the England national team, also played 232 official games for Manchester United in the English Premier League and scored 35 goals.

Lingard was first linked to Seoul last summer, and negotiations are said to have advanced rapidly over the past month.

Officials from the Seoul club flew to England to check Lingard's physical condition, and officials from Lingard's side also came to Korea and checked the clubhouse, stadium, and living environment in Seoul to help him join.

Finally, Lingard took the final step to join the team by boarding a flight from London to Korea on the afternoon of the 4th local time.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
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