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Saudi Arabian League Al Hilal, which is making all-out efforts to recruit a top-rated player, is expected to continue its relentless courtship. Although Target has already announced its refusal, Al Hilal is expected to persuade Lee again in the summer transfer market by banking on the coach who led Lee in the past. The target of Al Hilal's desperate love call is Bruno Fernandes (30), the captain of the Manchester United in the English Premier League.

British media Daily Star reported on the 4th (Korea time) that although Fernandez refused to accept the offer during the January transfer window, Al Hilal is trying to recruit him again. Al Hilal has already been hit by Fernandez once. He sent an astronomical offer during the January transfer window, but Fernandez completely rejected it. He proved his loyalty as Manchester United's "captain."

However, Al-Hilal still considers Fernandez a "recruitment target." Citing a report by Hercord, a Portuguese media outlet, the media outlet said, "Coach Jorge Jeju, who leads Al-Hilal, is showing great interest in reuniting with Fernandez. Jeju's coach said that he had led Fernandez in Portugal's Sporting CP in the past, and this time, he is going to call Fernandez again in a luxurious environment in Al-Hilal."

Fernandez, who left Sporting and joined Manchester United for 55 million euros in transfer in 2019, immediately became a key player for Manchester United. Especially this season, he is leading the team under Erik ten Hag with the captain's armband. He is still proving his value with seven goals and six assists in a total of 30 games this season.

Fernandez's performance was caught in Al Hilal's recruiting radar. In particular, Jeju manager wants to recruit Fernandez. Fernandez has a contract with Manchester United until the summer of 2026, and both sides have an option to extend it by one year if they want. From Manchester United's point of view, if they accept Al Hilal's offer, they may immediately expect a huge transfer income. Fernandez can also earn an astronomical annual salary.

However, Fernandez first rejected Al Hilal's offer. He has made it clear that he intends to continue his career at Manchester United. Nevertheless, Al Hilal is still planning to try to recruit Fernandez. There is a high possibility that he will offer again in the summer transfer market. It is noteworthy whether Fernandez will continue to refuse even then.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
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