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Sponsorship agreement with Oh Jeong-bon Hospital this year

Bucheon FC1995 (Bucheon Mayor Cho Yong-ik, hereinafter Bucheon) held a sponsorship and official designated hospital agreement ceremony with Oh Jeong-bon Hospital (Hospital Director Choi Hee-joon, Byeon Hae-il) located in Wonjong-dong, Bucheon-si on the 30th of last month.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Kim Sung-nam, the general manager of Bucheon FC1995 and Kim Soo-kyung, the chairman of Bucheon FC Social Cooperative. Oh Jung-bon Hospital CEO Byun Ki-il, Hwang Jae-jin, the center director, and Ryu Seung-won were also present.

Oh Jung-bon has been with the club since 2014. As the club's official designated hospital, he has been a strong supporter of Bucheon as he served as its doctor. Not only did he strive to prevent injuries to his players, but he also provided generous support for their treatment and rehabilitation in case of injuries during training and matches.

In addition, he was constantly interested in fostering youth players and worked hard. Oh Jeong-bon Hospital has donated scholarships for Bucheon youth players several times. At the "Sponsor's Night" event held in December last year, scholarships were delivered for Bucheon FC U-18 and U-15 players.

Regarding the agreement, general manager Kim Sung-nam said, "It has already been 10 years since I have been with Oh Jeong-bon Hospital. It is very reassuring that the hospital representing Bucheon is the official medical sponsor of the club. I hope that Bucheon will be able to perform well this season thanks to the sponsorship of Oh Jeong-bon Hospital."

Oh Jung-bon Hospital CEO Byun Bi-il said, "With a 10-year companionship, Bucheon FC and Oh Jung-bon Hospital are willing to contribute to the local community beyond the relationship between designated hospitals." He then expressed his feelings about the agreement, saying, "I hope that we will continue to grow together into a club and hospital representing Bucheon."

Bucheon plans to carry out various activities in the 2024 season through this agreement with Oh Jung-bon Hospital.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
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