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Quickspin is entering the live casino space with Quickspin Live

Quickspin announced its plans to expand its offering and enter the live casino space. Its new product vertical will be launched under the brand, Quickspin Live, so as to differentiate it from its core product, Quickspin Slots.

One of its core strategic directives is to constantly explore new ways to create new products, enter new markets and provide more players with the Quickspin gaming experience. The creation of Quickspin Live, as well as the entrance into the live casino space is the natural choice if you factor into the equation the world-leading technology it has at its disposal through the Playtech group.

“Quickspin was founded on the idea that we wanted to bring something fresh and innovative to the market with own blend of high-quality production value, creativity and love,” said Panagiotis Chryssovitsanos, Quickspin CEO. “That was 11 years ago. But the market has changed, the games have changed, and the player base has changed alongside it.

And, while there are plenty of companies that make fantastic games, we now see ourselves entering the era where the biggest player bases are not the ones that grew up in the shadow of Las Vegas’ heyday but rather in the era of the internet and social gaming. They grew up with a phone in their hands, internet access, they played games online and interacted with each other in the same way. We see this as our opportunity to talk directly to that generation of players. Our ambition is to provide them with high quality, entertainment-first games that they can play and enjoy, together.”

Big Bad Wolf Live

Big Bad Wolf Live will be Quickspin Live’s inaugural game and will launch toward the end of June 2023. Following on from that, the company’s ambition is to release a new Quickspin Live game every quarter.

This is a significant example of Playtech leveraging existing technology with an existing IP to create an entirely new vertical. Quickspin is, of course, going to add its own little blend of itself on top to create a game that it thinks will be a genuine fan-favorite. Quickspin’s current plan is to launch its first Quickspin Live game by means of the Playtech Live platform. This means it will be readily accessible for any of its operators who already have a Playtech Live integration in place.
Sunday, February 4, 2024
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