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World Poker Tour Reveals WPT Poker Walk of Fame at Commerce Casi

First there was the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and then there was the Rock Walk of Fame. A new tribute has taken its place with CA Commerce Casino's World Poker Tour Poker Walk of Fame, a celebration of achievements today.

The WPT Poker Walk of Fame gathered its first members at Commerce Casino in a ceremony in front of the town's top professionals and celebrities for the L.A. Poker Classic tournament. It contributes to the development and popularity of games, and honors famous poker players in film, television, and literature, as well as those who make games attractive to a new generation of poker fans.

The induction ceremony was held on the doorstep of the Commerce Casino, which is the most prestigious gaming facility and fully serviced entertainment/hotel complex in the Los Angeles area. With more than 200 poker tables, the Commerce Casino is the largest poker room in the world, where you can enjoy all kinds of poker without restriction. To Hollywood stars in the poker room, the Commerce Casino has a rich poker history in Southern California, dating back to 1983.
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Saturday, February 3, 2024
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