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British Racing Correspondent Wins Aruba Trip

Greg Wood, the Guardian's racing correspondent, stepped down from the virtual poker table after winning the grand prize at Ultimate Betcom's "British Press Only" pre-roll promotion online poker tournament on Apr. 16. The tournament was held to promote the upcoming Ultimate Betcom Guinea-Az festival competition in Newmarket to the media. Greg's poise and obvious poker skills paid off in this high-stakes game, confirming a two-man trip to Aruba (worth $10,000), where he will compete in the Ultimate Betcom Poker Classic and play with a guaranteed $4,000 prize money.

"It was a real, sky-high moment to win thanks to one last card after a pitiful second 10-1 start against a pair of queens." The final table play was fast and intense, and it was an exciting match to the end, with more than 140 people watching the online poker table.

Ultimate Betcom is a world leader in online poker and the title sponsor of Ultimate Betcom Guineas 1000, 2000 and the Jockey Club Stakes, which took place at Newmarket Racecourse on May 1 and 2, 2004. When asked if he thought about Ultimate Betcom 1000 and The Ultimate Club Stakes' online poker games on May 1 and 2, 2004, Greg replied, "I thought the site was very easy to use, even though I hadn't played there more than a couple of times before, and it was a real buzz to confront my press room teammates. As the tournament progressed, it was fascinating to watch your fortunes slip away."

"Ultimate Betcom is committed to delivering the highest quality experience in online poker," said Annie Duke, a professional poker player and member of the UB team. "If you're looking for a trusted Internet poker site, offers the most realistic and highest quality experience in online poker designed by some of the best professionals in the industry."

"Watching the free-roll press poker game play was fun and exciting for me as a professional," Duke continued. "After consulting Ultimate Betcom to design a world-class online poker site, I'm very excited and excited to see how much fun it was, especially for media companies to sit down to play the No Limit Texas Holdham game. They played like professionals."
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