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Monticello makeover: video game It's available as a harness trac

The Monticello Raceway, which opened 46 years ago today, will be home to Mighty Gaming, a casino-like facility with a total of 1,743 video game consoles.

If you play multiple strings in a single spin, there are machines that can play for as little as nickel, as much as $10 and as much as $10.

Gamblers can win up to $50,000, but the money paid by the machine will not exceed $600. Those higher up will be escorted to a "cage" where the cashier issues the check.

A stage at the Lava Lounge will host live performances from well-known performers both locally and nationally. A 350-seat restaurant called the Mighty mmm Food Court, Player's Club booth, gift shop, and Winners Circle Buffet will surround the gaming establishment.

Billboard is in the midst of shoulder-to-shoulder work on the road toward the racetrack and raising the media's expectations.

The ad is similar to what happened before the opening of the harness track in 1958 in Monticello, with horse racing attendance dropping from nearly 20,000 on a good day to just a few hundred, but there are still people who remember the glory days.

"There was a lot of anticipation. Sportswriters wrote about it," John Manzee, a public relations manager for Mighty M Gaming, said of the early days of the Monticello Raceway. "Horses were kings. It was probably as much anticipated as casinos today. It was the only place you could legally bet on."

Cliff Ehrlich, senior vice president of Mighty M Gaming at Monticello Raceway, said, "When this track was built, our business was mostly people coming in."

"People are showing us pictures, and women are wearing mink coats," said Charles DeGliomini, vice president of corporate communications at the Empire Resort. "It was a very social event."

"At one point, this was the only place in New York where you could bet legally," DeGliomini said. "There were no off-track bets, there were no casinos, there were no lottery tickets."

As the VIDEO game prepared to debut in Monticello, 400 more people were hired, including the ambassador for the roving floor. We will try to make all visitors enjoy their experiences.

The video game consoles to be used in Monticello were made by three vendors - IGT, which manufactures machines in Nevada, and Spielo, which is based in Bali and Rhode Island but manufactures equipment in Canada.

Earleich told the players that the machines would be indistinguishable from those found in casinos operating in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and India.
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