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Coach Song Young-jin said, “We achieved this victory through all

February 3, 2024 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Seoul SK-Suwon KT/Jamsil Student Gymnasium. 78-76 KT win.

KT Coach Song Young-jin post-game interview,

how do you feel about the victory?
I am very grateful to the players who held a difficult game in a tight schedule. When the score gap widened, we were able to win because we did not give up until the end.

Paris Bass' performance wasn't very good?
It is a dilemma and a homework at the same time. I ask him to restrain himself or to give altruistically to his players, but I think he was greedy because he has a competitive spirit and a strong desire to win against (Jamil) Warney. So there were a lot of turnovers. I think we should be able to distribute the credit appropriately.

Nevertheless, he performed a one-man show in the fourth quarter.
He has great skills and a strong competitive spirit. Anyway, we had good chemistry with domestic players. (Jeong) The voice actor supported me well and played his role well. Although Bass took the lead and won, (Han) Hee-won also scored a big hit. This is a victory achieved through everyone working together. I think I will be able to prepare if something like this happens again next time.

Do you think you might be greedy for second place?
I have worked hard so far. We're coming to the end of the season, so I think we should aim for second place. I thought both last week's and this week's schedules were important, and I think every game will be important from now on.

overall review of the game?
They played really well until the third quarter. With three guards playing in the fourth quarter, it was a self-destructive game that failed to overcome the pressure of the opponent and keep the score. I had a good lead, but for a moment I lost concentration and had physical problems. I think it was because they were tired, but the carefree passes and turnovers gave them an excuse to chase. There are some things I couldn't control, but it's a bit disappointing. We need to end the losing streak quickly, but it’s disappointing.
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