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Professional basketball KT, thrilling comeback win over SK in te

Suwon KT, a professional basketball team, achieved a thrilling comeback victory in the 'telecommunication rivalry' against Seoul SK.

KT won 78-76 in an away game against SK in the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 3rd.

KT, which won the match between the two teams that were tied for 3rd place with 23 wins and 13 losses before this day's game, rose to a tie for 2nd place with 24 wins and 13 losses.

However, the final rankings will change on the 3rd depending on the results of the match between Changwon LG and Seoul Samsung, which are tied for second place, to be held.

SK, with 23 wins and 14 losses, recently fell into a swamp of four consecutive losses and fell to fourth place.

SK was ahead by 11 points until the 3rd quarter, but KT made a big counterattack in the 4th quarter and turned the game around.

KT foreign player Paris Bass scored 17 points, nearly half of his 35 points, in the fourth quarter, becoming a major contributor to the comeback victory.

KT started chasing in the middle of the 4th quarter when they were trailing 57-68 with Bath's 3-pointer and Jeong Sung-woo's 2 points. Afterwards, Bath's consecutive scores made it 70-71 with 3 minutes and 32 seconds left.

After a fierce battle, SK maintained a one-point advantage at 75-74, but KT took a two-point lead thanks to Han Hee-won's comeback 3-pointer with 25 seconds left.

In the ensuing counterattack, SK had an opportunity to tie the game by getting two free throws from Jamil Warney with 8 seconds left until the end, but they were unable to regain the lead as one of Warney's free throws was missed.

At KT, where Heo Hoon was sidelined due to an injury, Bass performed well with 35 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists, and Ha Yoon-ki also scored 14 points and 8 rebounds.

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Saturday, February 3, 2024
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