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Dissatisfied with Kim Min-jae

Dissatisfied with Kim Min-jae → Almost became a colleague of Lee Kang-in

 Matthijs the Licht (Bayern Munich) shook off the interest of Paris Saint-Germain. He decided to stay with the team for now.

French media "L'Equipe" reported on the 2nd that "The Licht rejected the opportunity to join Paris Saint-Germain."

He added, "Paris Saint-Germain is trying to recruit a center back. As Milan Shkliniar suffered an out-of-season injury, Paris Saint-Germain brought in Lucas Veraldo in early January. We are trying to recruit more new defenders on top of that."

It also said that several candidates were mentioned, including Diego Llorente (Liz United) and Lenny Yoro (Lille). Yoro remains a priority.

Paris Saint-Germain needs a stable defender. "Paris Saint-Germain has handed over a surprise bid to recruit The Licht," the French media outlet RMC Sports said. However, it has been reported that The Licht, not the club, has refused to transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

The reason why The Licht was offered a transfer is clear. This is because he has a lot of complaints at Bayern Munich this season. Rumors are spreading that he could move his team amid fewer opportunities than the previous season. There are even specific destinations such as Manchester United.

He had three goals and one assist in a total of 43 games last season, and showed his influence as a starter in 27 of 31 games in the Bundesliga. He provided a sense of stability through outstanding physical conditions and intelligent defense. He displayed passes and vision that spearheaded the build-up to the back.

However, this season's weight has decreased. As Kim Min-jae joined the team, the team was pushed to the bench. It also gave way to Dayo Upamecano. He played a total of 15 games this season, and started seven out of 12 games in the Bundesliga.

Thomas Tuchel demands a lot of activities from the defense. He wants to travel all over the ground with outstanding speed. Kim Min-jae and Upamecano fit well with this. The Licht is relatively slow in foot. On top of that, he was not selected by Tuchel as he was out of condition due to injury.

With Kim Min-jae being drafted to the Asian Cup, the proportion in the team has increased recently. However, if Kim Min-jae returns, there is a high possibility that The Licht will stay on the bench. Therefore, it is heard that he can leave the team. Manchester United coach Erik ten Haah is looking for a reunion with The Licht, who he shared a room with during his Ajax days.
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Saturday, February 3, 2024
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