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Memphis secures draft rights for next two years with Adams

The Memphis Grizzlies made a successful deal.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, Memphis obtained a pick that can be used from 2024 to 2025 through a trade with the Houston Rockets.

Memphis sent Steven Adams in a trade with Houston on the 2nd (Korean time). Instead, they secured Victor Olaadipo and three second-round tickets. This gives Memphis a lot more nomination rights to utilize.

Looking at the secured nomination rights, there are two that can be used in 2024. First, get what the Oklahoma City Thunder has. The other is that Memphis will receive the highest draft pick from either the Brooklyn Nets or the Golden State Warriors.

The last ticket is a ticket for the 2025 second round, and the highest ranking among Houston's picks goes to Memphis. Houston retains the right to transfer the pick acquired in the last Russell Westbrook (Clippers) trade. If you do not get a ticket for the first round due to protection conditions, there is room to get a ticket for the second round.

A second-round pick could already be secured through a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. As the situation may change in the future, there is room to watch, but Memphis will receive the highest number of draftees. Memphis could also use this as an additional trade card.

With this trade, Memphis actively began partial reorganization. Because Adams at the beginning of the season and Ja Morant's season ended due to injury during the season. During this season, most of the starting players suffered from injuries and were unable to form their full strength. Accordingly, they sent Adams, who had remaining contract, and received an expiring contract.

By adding multiple nomination rights, we have left plenty of room to increase our strength. You can nominate and retain a rookie with a draft pick, but there is also room to add other pieces through trade. The fact that the total annual salary for the upcoming 2024-2025 season was reduced by disposing of Adams is also positive.
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Saturday, February 3, 2024
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