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"Beautiful Accompanition"

Behind-the-scenes story of leaving the Korean Peninsula on an expedition to the Philippines

Anyang Chung Kwan-jang, who was on an expedition to the Philippines of the East Asian Super League (EASL), returned to Korea on Saturday with light steps. He beat TNT Trofan Gaga (Philippines) 88-76 in the fifth round of the group league held the previous evening to confirm her advance to the semifinal, and Jamil Wilson (15 points and 14 rebounds), a newly recruited alternative mercenary, also made his debut successfully.

Steps were not the only ones that became lighter. The size of the arriving team has also become lighter in preparation for departure. Lens Abroad was missing. "We gave him a special vacation until Feb. 1 to come back home and have a good rest with his family and friends," said an official from the club. There is a story behind Chung's visit to the Philippines. Having fractured two lumbar vertebrae during a match against Sono in Goyang on Feb. 28, the Korean Peninsula has had to fight tearful illness alone as well as pain. Wearing a waist brace instead of surgery, the team had to lie still for the first two weeks. It needed a guardian to support him and take care of him.

He thought his family would come soon from the Philippines, but he couldn't afford to do so. He was raised as a single mother and her sister as a breadwinner. Due to financial difficulties at home, his mother was working as a housekeeper in the United Arab Emirates. He is not in a position to leave the house empty for a long time due to the nature of his job. He even bought a spacious apartment in Anyang, saying, "I will let my mother stop struggling after succeeding in Korea. My girlfriend who lives in the Philippines said she would come right away, but she was blocked from getting reality. This is because visas were not issued in a timely manner.

It is also sad to have been hurt in a foreign land, but when one cannot see the person one misses, his or her heartache will be no different no matter what. For this reason, Chung's team took turns visiting his home in the African country to become his talk buddy. Having recovered smoothly thanks to Korea's affection (for 情), the team is now able to move on its own. Then, the team and its coach Kim Sang-sik started a "second project" for the Korean Peninsula. He accompanied the team on its expedition to the Philippines. Although the team walks erratically, it is better to let him rest in the Philippines with a nice climate than in Korea, where the roads are slippery in cold weather. It would have been even better if he could meet his family and girlfriend in his home country and blow away the loneliness he has accumulated over the past.

When the club left for the expedition this time, it said on the surface, "I will accompany the Filipino fans who are curious about the recent situation of the "national player" in the Philippines," but the hidden intention was to relieve Avante's mental illness and give him a special vacation.

"When I was in the bus for a long time, I could hardly keep up with my slow pace and complained of pain," said Kim Sung-ki, secretary-general of the team. "However, after arriving in the Philippines, my facial color completely changed," Chung said. "I had a pleasant reunion with my family and acquaintances including my two sisters and my girlfriend in the game against TNT on Monday."

Abando briefly broke up with the team and expressed tears and gratitude, but Director Kim laughed, saying, "I left it off in a good mood."
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Monday, January 29, 2024

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