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A Rebellion of Latecomers Who Endured the Tenacity of 'Golf's Mi

Kang Min-ji is a golfer who is not well known to the extent that even people who know golf well can tilt their heads when they hear her name. This is because Kang Min-ji's professional career is only about three years old.

Kang's introduction to golf started when he was a first grader in middle school. He is quite late compared to others who start golf in elementary school. Moreover, his dream of becoming a full-fledged professional began to grow when he was in high school. When most players were on the national team and were torn between professional and amateur players, Kang was actively improving his skills.

Kang had to continue his amateur career as an adult, but he gradually rose to prominence by being selected for the national team. His sudden choice to go to the U.S. amid such progress surprised people around him.

Of course, the challenge for the LPGA was unexpected, and if there were any minor leagues in the U.S. Major League, they were knocking on the door of the Epson Tour, the LPGA's lower league. It was only one year after coming to the U.S. It was an accomplishment.

There is a big gap in quality between the LPGA Tour and the LPGA Tour. First of all, the prize money cannot be compared with the LPGA Tour. In addition, there is a huge gap in accommodation costs. Unlike the LPGA Tour, which is mostly located in large cities, golf courses in the outskirts of the country cannot be accessed without a car.

Because of this, Kang had to continue living in a hotel and go on a tearful Apsong tour. When my parents came, we stayed at Gong Yoo's lodging and ate Korean food that we bought at the Korean mart. However, I didn't want to go back to Korea. Rather than despair, I filled my heart with a will to succeed. Next to me was a coach from Korea, and thanks to him, my skills started to improve.

And in 2023, Kang had his best year of his own. He has finished in the top 10 in eight of the 22 competitions he has competed in on the Epson Tour, ranked fifth in the money rankings, and earned a spot in the LPGA. Even though Kang started golfing at a late age, she was able to advance to the LPGA, the stage of her dream.

He showed stable performance in the first round of the Drive-On Championship, his first game since debut. Kang, who gradually reduced the number of pars through stable shots and putting, recorded good performance in the first round with four birdies and no bogey. Kang, who is tied for fourth at four under par, showed stable performance, raising expectations for his future performance. Send private email
Friday, January 26, 2024
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