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The list is automatically personalized for each visitor

The new directory describes each payment method available at online gambling sites and ranks them in popularity order based on the amount of web traffic received by the gaming sites that use the method. The list is automatically personalized for each visitor, showing only the payment methods used by sites accepting play from the visitor's geographic location and available in the visitor's language. Visitors may change their location and language preferences at any time. They can also order the list of payment methods by number of sites accepting the payment method or alphabetically by payment method name.

VISA and MasterCard, which are accepted by 2,000 sites, top the list of most popular payment methods, followed by bank wire transfer and Neteller. Moneybookers, VISA Electron, Diners Club, Solo, Maestro, and playsafecard round out the top ten.

"Staying on top of the changes in the online gaming industry is a huge undertaking requiring continuous monitoring and reporting by a dedicated news and research staff," said Casino City CEO Michael Corfman. "In fact, we contact every online gaming site on an ongoing basis to find the list of countries and states from which they accept players and the payment methods they use."

When visitors click on a payment method in the directory, they are given some background information on the payment method and also a list of all online gambling sites using that method, ranked by popularity and personalized for the visitor's location and language preferences.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
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