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There is no basis for agent passing."

The Players Association said on the 24th, "As a result of combining the opinions of the player's agent and the club's parties, we have not found any basis for judging that agent passing, which is the core of the dispute, has been made."

The player and the club are catcher Kim Min-sik and SSG. Kim Min-sik signed a two-year contract with SSG on the 16th for a total of 500 million won (400 million won per year, optional 100 million won). However, Kim Min-sik's agent claimed that SSG intentionally excluded the agent and signed a contract with Kim Min-sik.

In response, the association said, "We received their opinions through meetings with the parties concerned, and planned to mediate by arranging situations that may have been caused by misunderstanding and recommending reconciliation," adding, "However, their arguments are contradictory and there is a wide gap of opinions. It is not easy to mediate or seal."

In addition, the Athletes' Association added that there is a practical limit to drawing specific conclusions on the dispute because it does not have the authority to investigate and collect evidence.

Currently, there are no provisions in the player's agent regulations that sanction or discipline players or clubs even if they intentionally exclude agents during FA or annual salary negotiations. Moreover, if FA contracts and annual salary negotiations do not progress, players and clubs often sign contracts directly with agents excluded.

The Players Association, the main body of the player agency system, emphasized that it is a matter that should be avoided to establish the basis and order of the agent system, and that it has an obligation to guard and supervise it.

In addition, he said he is planning to explain the purpose and justification of the player agent system currently in effect for all clubs and request cooperation and win-win.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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