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22-year-old pitcher, why was LG the only outside recruitment

After the season, LG excluded 12 players including Song Eun-beom, Lee Chan-hyuk, Kim Tae-hyung (left-hander), Sung Jae-hun, and Lim Jung-woo (pitchers above), Seo Geon-chang, Jeong Ju-hyeon, Kim Sung-hyeop, Choi Hyun-joon (infielders above), Lee Chun-woong, Choi Min-chang and Lee Cheol-min (outfielders above). They were released. In the second draft, Lee Sang-gyu (Hanwha), Choi Sung-hoon (Samsung), Kim Ki-yeon (Doosan), and Oh Seok-ju (Kium) left. Jin received the right to draft and traded it to Lotte.

The second draft, which took place in late November last year, offers new opportunities to players who are not given the opportunity, and the second draft, which aims to equalize power among teams, can be selected from among 35 protected players, players with first to third year experience, foreign players, registered players excluding FA players, players with training, players with military holding, and players with military holding. This year's rankings will be made in reverse order, and the third round will be continued. Teams ranking eighth to 10th will be given a maximum of two additional picks. In order to prevent leakage of players from certain teams that were discovered in the second draft, the maximum number of Fiji players per team will be limited to four.

In the second round, four players (Lee Sang-gyu, Choi Seong-hun, Kim Ki-yeon, and Oh Seok-ju) were drafted by other teams in the early stages of the first and second rounds. Up to four players per team were decided early on. As such, LG Debs was so strong that other teams selected LG players.

LG, on the other hand, passed the first and second rounds without naming a team member. "Our team believes that fielders have strong starting pitchers and that even if their pitching resources remain the same, they are highly competitive next year," Cha said. He nominated Lee Jong-joon in the third and final round. It is an unfamiliar name.

Lee Jong-joon graduated from Gunsan Commercial High School and received the NC Dinos' nomination as the ninth round (81st overall) in the second round of the 2020 Rookie Draft. He is 191 centimeters tall and weighs 93 kilograms, which means he is in good physical condition. He is fastball speed in the mid-140km range, and is an orthodox right-handed pitcher.

Since joining the NC Dinosaurs, he has not played in many games. In 2021, he had three wins and zero ERA in eight games (19.2 innings) in the Futures League. In 19 ⅔s, he had 11 strikeouts with 11 walks and one out. Since then, he has not played in actual games for the past two years as he has been serving in the military. He returned to the military after completing his mandatory military service, and took the mound several times in the Education League in October this year.

What possibilities did LG see in Lee Jong-joon? Cha Myung-seok, the team's general manager, explained about the nomination. It is said that there was positive recommendation from Kim Jae-hyun, the current SSG team leader who was LG's power reinforcement coordinator at the time, and Hwang Hyun-chul, the second team leader.

"I didn't see him throw," Cha said. "I heard that Kim Jae-hyun, who is now the SSG general manager, and Hwang Hyun-cheol, the second team leader of the second team, watched the game while playing against NC Dinos. He is in good physical condition and has not been refined yet, but based on the report analyzed by the second team, it is worth a try. It is worth bringing him and developing him as a starting pitcher. I have received such a report," Cha said. "I picked Lee Jong-joon after hearing the report from the second team and the team leader Kim Jae-hyun and Hwang Hyun-cheol. My eyes are not all accurate, and I saw him in this field so many times, but (the two of them) asked me to do it if I recommended him so much."

He added, "We didn't pick in the front (round 1 or 2) during the second draft, but there was an opinion that we should pick the player when he came back in the last (round 3) so we picked him."

Thus, the team invested 200 million won (approx. 200 million won) into a pitcher who has never played in a game for the past two years. When making a third-round pick, the team must pay 200 million won (approx.

After Lee Jong-joon was named to LG, NC manager Kang In-kwon said, "I didn't know that LG would nominate him. I think LG probably paid attention when I was playing in the education league after I was discharged from the military. I heard that he liked his ball back then. I heard that he has no experience in the first division, but his ball power has changed beyond recognition."

"I came to greet him at the office (after the 2nd draft). His height and physique were quite attractive as a pitcher. I thought that I could grow into a satisfactory pitcher if I gain more weight in physical conditions," Cha said.
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