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Is it Ronaldo who caused a no-show incident?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) apologized when the friendly match in China was canceled.

Al-Nasr announced Tuesday the postponement of two friendly matches he had planned in Shenzhen, China. Al-Nasr was scheduled to play against Shenhua in Shanghai on Monday and against Zhejiang FC on Friday.

It is known that the cancellation of the scheduled game was due to Ronaldo's injury.

Ronaldo complained of muscle pain ahead of a friendly match in China. While the Al-Nasr match was canceled, Chinese fans flocked to the hotel where Ronaldo was staying.

Ronaldo, who understood the situation, apologized at a press conference in China.

According to local Chinese media reports, Ronaldo said, "It's a sad day. I'm sorry for the fans," adding, "In soccer, uncontrollable things happen. After playing soccer for 22 years, I'm not a player who gets injured easily, so it's too bad."

"When I first visited China in 2003, I felt like home. China is my second home. The game has only been postponed, and I will come back when the schedule for the friendly match is finalized," he said.

At the same time, when Chinese reporters asked the question, he refused, saying, "I think I said everything."

The attitude is quite different from Ronaldo, who caused the "no-show" situation in Korea.

Ronaldo visited Korea as a member of Juventus in July 2019 and was under fire for not playing against the K-League starting team at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The organizers of the friendly match said, "Ronaldo included a clause in the contract with Juventus that requires at least 45 minutes of participation," but Ronaldo did not participate in the end.

Ronaldo and his team arrived in Korea on the day of the match, and they arrived at the stadium about an hour after kick-off, drawing criticism as if they were ignoring Korean fans. Even after the controversy over the no-show erupted, Ronaldo did not make an apology.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
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