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China is still confused, “Will it make a difference if players o

Is he trying to find an answer this time as a naturalized athlete?

China's 'Sina Sports' said on the 23rd (Korean time), "Chinese soccer has fallen into abyss and is struggling to grasp at straws. Ryan Layton (mother Chinese) of Dutch second division Den Bosch, Manchester City under-16s (U-16) 16) Ryan Liu (grandfather is Chinese), and Ryan Raposo (mother is Chinese, Chinese name Wu Xiaohai) played for the Canadian Olympic team.”

Among the three players, expectations were expressed for Wu Xiaohai. The media pointed out, "Wu Xiaohai is close to Chinese soccer. He plays for the Vancouver Whitecaps and is a player with strong convictions. Although he does not have a strong physique, he is always brave in one-on-one fights."

“Since his professional debut, Wu Xiaohai has played as his preferred winger, and can also play as a full-back on either side, showing his ability to advance forward. In theory, he is very suitable for the double wingback formation set by China national team coach Aleksandar Jankovic. “According to ‘Transfermarkt’, it is valued at 1.5 million euros (approximately 2.2 billion won). Will Wu Xiaohai be able to open a new phase in Chinese soccer?” he expressed his expectations.

China has had a policy of naturalizing players of the same lineage and foreign mercenaries in the past, but it has rarely achieved results. Naturally, the fan reaction was cold. The article in 'Sina Sports' said, "Let's fire the incompetent coach Jankovic and the Olympic team coach first, and then talk about other things," and "What good would such naturalization do?" he shook his head.
China (79th in FIFA ranking) lost 0-1 to Qatar (58th in FIFA ranking) in the third match of Group A of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup held at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar at midnight on the 23rd. I got down on my knees. With the loss on this day, China (2 points, 2 draws, 1 loss, 0 gains, 1 loss) failed to advance to the tournament on its own and was eliminated, missing out on the tickets given to the top 4 teams in 3rd place.

China, under the leadership of Aleksandar Jankovic, is at the brink of a cliff. The first match against Tajikistan (0-0 draw) and the second match against Lebanon (0-0 draw) were both drawn after disappointing performance. Considering the efforts made by China, which dreamed of becoming a 'football star', this is an entirely unacceptable result.

The last Qatar match was the same. Zhang Yuning, Wei Sihao, Wu Shi, Wang Xiangyuan, Lin Liangming, Zhou Tianjie, Zhang Guangtai, Zhang Linfeng, etc. sortied, but again failed to win. Qatar defeated China after maintaining its lead in the second half thanks to a goal scored by Al Haidos.

No score, no win in 3 games. It is the worst in China's Asian Cup history. From the 1976 Iran Asian Cup to the 2019 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Asian Cup, there has never been a goalless score during the 12 tournaments. The tough managerial system of Jankovic, from age group representatives to the national team, faced failure.

They also missed out on the tickets held by the top 4 teams in 3rd place. Any glimmer of hope disappeared as they were defeated by Syria (4 points), Indonesia, and Bahrain (3 points). That's how China was eliminated from the Asian Cup. Nevertheless, China appears to be not giving up on its failed naturalization policy.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
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