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‘Non-FA multi-year contract with SSG’ Kim Seong-hyun

“Goal is to be the starting second baseman for all three years”

Seonghyun Kim joined the team in 2006 and will play for the same team until 2026.

SSG Kim Seong-hyun answers fan questions

SSG Landers infielder Kim Seong-hyun is answering questions from fans at the fan festival held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon on the 21st.

Professional baseball SSG Landers' predecessor SK Wyverns nominated a total of 10 rookies in 2006.

Among these, only one player, infielder Kim Seong-hyeon (36), will play for SSG in 2024.

Seonghyun Kim signed a non-free agent (FA) multi-year contract with SSG on the 20th for a total of 600 million won over 3 years.He will play in SSG uniform until 2026.

Kim Seong-hyun, who met at the SSG Fan Fest held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon a day later on the 21st, said, "I have had the honor of playing for the same team for over 20 years," adding, "I jokingly said to club officials, 'Please give me a non-FA contract, too.' "In December, the club actually offered me a non-FA multi-year contract. I'm happy just to play professionally for a long time, but I'm even happier to continue my career in the place where I started my professional career," he said.

Kim Seong-hyun, who joined SK as the 20th pick in the 2nd 3rd round in 2006, obtained his first free agent qualification in 2021 and signed a 2+1 year contract with SSG for a total of 1.1 billion won.

If the 2024 season is completed normally, he will become a free agent again, but he signed a multi-year contract with SSG before becoming a free agent.

Kim Seong-hyun said, “I requested a 3-year contract period, and the club accepted it,” and added, “I am better now than in 2021 when I signed a free agent contract. I am especially satisfied with the ‘3-year’ period.”

Seonghyun Kim being interviewed

SSG Landers infielder Kim Seong-hyun is being interviewed by reporters after the fan festival held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon on the 21st.

Catcher Lee Jae-won, who was drafted by SK in the first round in 2006, left for the Hanwha Eagles.Lee Myung-ki, who was selected in the second 10th round at the time, is currently playing for Hanwha.All of the other SK contemporaries retired, and most of the players who started their professional careers in the same year as Kim Seong-hyun left the field.

Kim Seong-hyun smiled and said, “When I was a rookie, I wanted to have a short and long career as a player, but I have been playing for such a long time.” He added, “It is unfortunate that I have been a player who did not leave a strong impression, and I am also sorry to the fans. Still, I am enjoying the good fortune of playing as a player for such a long time.” did.

In reality, Seonghyun Kim did not achieve outstanding individual results.

Kim Seong-hyun's personal career records are 1,492 games, a batting average of 0.271, 44 home runs, 430 RBI, and an on-base percentage of 0.336.

Friends born in 1987, including Ryu Hyun-jin, Yang Eui-ji, and Kang Jeong-ho, showed off their brilliant skills, leaving a dark shadow.

However, Seong-Hyun Kim maintained a solid SSG infield for a long time, and the SSG team recognized Seong-Hyun Kim's value.

The SSG club expected, "Kim Seong-hyun is a player with excellent contact ability and high utilization of offense and defense. He will serve as a support for the growth of infield prospects."

Kim Seong-hyun, the ‘long-survivor’, did not mention ‘shame’.

Instead, he promised 'effort', which is the secret to a 'long run'.

Kim Seong-hyun said, "I want to play as the starting second baseman for the three years of the contract period. Of course, I will help my juniors grow, but I will do my best to compete for the starting position. I will work hard for three more years."
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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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