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Looking back on the first half of Women's Volleyball

In addition to the two-top structure between Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance, the competitive structure of the third-place team, and the challenge of spring volleyball, which is Chung Kwan-kwan's desire.

All seven teams played 24 games each until the fourth round of the regular season for the last time against Hyundai E&C-Pepper Savings Bank on the 19th. It is a break ahead of the All-Star Game on the 27th. The fifth round of games will resume from the 30th.

The overall trend in the women's V-League during the Dodram 2023-2024 season is similar to that of the previous season. As expected before the season, Yang Hyo-jin's Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Kim Yeon-koung's Heungkuk Life Insurance "two top" continued. Other teams, including GS Caltex, are competing for one to two spots in spring volleyball in the lead-up competition between the two teams.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction is the lone lead with 19 wins and five losses 58 points, eight points ahead of runner-up Heungkuk Life Insurance 50 points. Besides its ace Yang Hyo-jin and Moma, Hyundai Engineering & Construction is also making use of various offensive options including Wiping, Jung Ji-yoon, and Lee Da-hyun. Its biggest strength is even distribution of offense through coordination of setter Kim Da-in, and tight defense teamwork. Although the team slowed down to three wins and three losses in the first round, it garnered 10 wins and two losses including nine consecutive wins in the second and third rounds. In the fourth round, it won all six games to further solidify its position.

Due to the aftermath of COVID-19, the championship challenge was suspended twice, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which was swept away by the Korea Expressway Corporation's typhoon last season. It is challenging the V3 for the first time in eight years since the 2015-2016 season.

Heungkuk Life has high expectations for Kim Yeon-koung, the 36-year-old volleyball king. Rumors have it that he is retiring every year, but he is still the best player in his youth. He ranked sixth 520 points in overall offense overall, leading his team's faltering performance despite foreign player Elena 8th in overall score and 10th in overall offense. He is also the center of the team not only in offense but also in defense. He also served as the court's commander and troubleshooter.

He gained momentum with 5 wins and 1 loss in the first round and 6 wins in the second round, but he slowed down a bit in the third and fourth rounds, giving up the lead to Hyundai Engineering & Construction. The key is how much his colleagues, including new foreign player Willow Johnson, who joined instead of Yelena, will ease the burden on Kim Yeon-kyung.

Compared to the men's team, women's volleyball was more shocking in the Asian quarter, which was introduced for the first time this year. Hyundai E&C's No. 1 run is largely attributed to Wipawi, who has filled gaps in offense and defense. Heungkuk Life Insurance also had a bigger portion of Raina since the middle of the season. Mega director of the association Ponfun corporate bank has been a key player for the team since the beginning of the season.

GS Caltex is the only spring volleyball team that failed to benefit from the Asian quarter. This is why the opponent team with two wins and two losses against Chung and Industrial Bank of Korea hurts. Instead

Still, GS Caltex Silva is highly competitive in foreign farming. He ranks first in both scoring 701 points and attacking. He is leading the spring volleyball challenge along with Kang So-hwi, a Korean ace who has advanced to the next round ahead of his second FA. The team is also a goblin team that has caught Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance but lost to Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranking team, but is still in third place.

Instead of the name "KGC Ginseng Corporation," Chung changed his team name to "Red Sparks" and participated in the season with enthusiasm. Most of all, his biggest priority is to achieve his spring volleyball wish, which he had not been able to achieve for six seasons since the 2016-2017 season. He missed the postseason by just one point. His performance is not bad, but his weak performance is unstable receiving and unstable performance.

Jia-Mega, who is on the back of solid lineup of Korean players including Chung Ho-young and Yeom Hye-sun, depends on her destructive power. Mega, the hero of the first round Mega Storm, has been defeated since then, but she is still struggling to secure seventh place overall 504 points and fourth place overall in offense. Lee finished the fourth round with four wins and two losses as her performance has improved after recovering from injury.

Industrial Bank of Korea made a reversal of five wins and one loss in the third round by banking on Ponfun, Asia's best setter, and Choi Jung-min, the No. 1 blocking player, but his team fell to one win and five losses in the fourth round due to Ponfun's deteriorating condition and his players' mistakes at a critical juncture. With 33 points, it fell to fifth place, three points behind Jeong Kwan-jang 36 points.

Korea Expressway Corporation 25 points, which ranks sixth, is enjoying a rebuilding season as it failed to prevent its team from losing power in the FA. Pepper Savings Bank 7 points, which recruited Coach Joe Trinzie and FA Park Jung-ah in its third year, is overwhelmingly in last place this year amid unfortunate performance that even showed off last season's spirit.

Last season, the third-place Korea Expressway Corporation jinxed all the jinxes and won the "Miracle" upset victory. Will there be another major reversal this year.
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Monday, January 22, 2024
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