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According to Jake Fisher, a reporter for Yahoo Sports, Philadelphia deserves an interest in Bruce Brown (guard-forward, 193 cm, 92 kg) of the Toronto Raptors.

Brown was recently traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Toronto Blue Jays. Indiana decided to add Pascal Siakam, and as a return, Brown had to change his uniform. Toronto is said to be able to trade Brown again.

Toronto has begun massive reconstruction by sending Siakam to the team. It secured three first-round tickets by sending Siakam to the team, and is seeking to add the right to the nomination through Brown. It is questionable whether Brown will be able to win the right to nominate in the first round, but if he seeks a deal that includes protective conditions, he deserves to step up.

Philadelphia should also add more guards. It was possible because it sent James Harden (Klippers) early in the season. It was a deal because it had an outstanding All-Star guard named Tyreece Maxi. However, Philadelphia sent Harden and received a number of forwards. It brought in Nicholas Batum, Marcus Morris Sr., and Robert Curvington. In other words, it needs a guard to help Maxi.

Brown would be a good piece. He won while playing for the Denver Nuggets last season. He can play well if he goes back and forth between the starting lineup and the bench. Most of all, Philadelphia has many players whose contracts end after the season, so it is possible to set up terms of the deal through them. For example, if Morris and Furkan Cochmaz are put forward, it will match Brown's salary.

Philadelphia also has no reason to hesitate to accept Brown. He has a contract until the upcoming 2024-2025 season, but he has team options after this season. After the deal, Philadelphia can choose whether to continue its contract next season while working with him. However, it is possible to adjust the ransom, but the key is whether the nomination right can be added.

Meanwhile, Brown played in a home game against the Chicago Bulls on the 19th (Korea time). He stepped on the court for the first time in a Toronto uniform. He came off the bench and recorded 15 points, seven rebounds, one assist and one steal, playing 24 minutes and 55 seconds. He was of considerable help on the bench. However, despite Brown's performance, Toronto did not surpass Chicago.
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Saturday, January 20, 2024
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