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The association deliberated on the business results and settlement of business results and business plans for 2024, including baseball, softball, and sports in 2023, and finally voted to implement sanctions against youth injuries and separate violations that may occur at the national competition.

In particular, the board of directors decided to maintain the current restrictions on the number of pitches and mandatory rest days for those under the age of 18, ban headfirst sliding at first base and home as part of measures to prevent youth injury, and expand the safety base, which was applied only to those under 12, to those under 15.

In addition, it was decided to establish guidelines and sanctions in accordance with the International Federation-related regulations and apply them from the 2024 national competition to emphasize the basics of amateurism as a student player in the Department of Advanced Amateurism regarding inappropriate behavior and words and actions of student players participating in the national competition.

In addition to the rules of the Sports Fair Commission and the disciplinary rules for disorderly conduct of the existing stadium, the main contents include ▲ excessive cheering (words or acts that interfere with the pitcher's pitch, booing the opponent team, dancing, out of courtesy, or singing of the national flag) ▲ Excessive ceremony (throwing water during and after games, equipment, rosin, etc.) ▲ Acts that interfere with the game by coming out of the dugout before the end of the game, •Unauthorized use of bat and altered ball ▲Unauthorized throwing of ball that hits the body ▲We have established standards and procedures to immediately impose sanctions on violators (or leaders) for refusing personnel appointment between the players before and after the game and to be suspended within one to three games.
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Saturday, January 20, 2024
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