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"Thank you for taking a rest! My boy jumped

"Monster defender" Kim Min-jae (27) of Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga will likely be able to take rest at last. He missed the team's training session to prepare for the fifth home match of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League group stage against Copenhagen on Thursday (Korea time). Local media in Germany also highly predict the possibility that Kim will miss the match.

Bayern Munich will invite Copenhagen to its fifth match of the UEFA Champions League at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on Thursday. The result is not so important. It has already secured 12 points through four consecutive wins in Group A. As it is eight points ahead of second-ranked Copenhagen, it will maintain its No. 1 ranking even if it loses both of its remaining group matches.

Attention is focusing on whether to operate the rotation system in a relaxed situation. In particular, attention is being paid to whether Kim Min-jae, who started 18 times in the 19 official matches of Bayern Munich this season, will play full-time. Currently, Kim Min-jae is likely to be excluded from the starting lineup.

German media Bild excluded Kim from the lineup, predicting a match against Copenhagen on Thursday. Announcing Kim's absence from the team's training, he predicted that he would miss the upcoming match and take a rest. Dayo Upamecano and Leon Goretzka are expected to play central defense.

Kim Min-jae moved to Bayern Munich this season and showed off his iron-fisted attitude. He made his debut as a substitute in a Super Cup match with Leipzig and started in all subsequent matches. He was the main defender in the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and the Champions League, and almost all of them marked full-time. He also played six matches for the Korean national team, increasing fatigue. Controversy over the excessive force naturally raised his head.

Physical burden also led to poor performance. At the end of the game, he was inferior in speed, and there was also a scene where he was struggling in the process of physical struggle. He spent a lot of energy playing both the Bundesliga, the Champions League, and the national team. He ran without a comma and made him feel the need for time to charge. He drew a line directly to the controversy over his abuse, saying, "There is no problem," but he lost his power in the middle of the season, causing concern.

The Bayern Munich team also needs to save Kim Min-jae. There is no reason to use all the players who are tired of the tight schedule in the Champions League, which has already decided on top of the group. It is wise to use an appropriate rotation system to save the stamina of the main players and prepare for the Bundesliga home game against Union Berlin on December 2.

Bayern Munich will have an away match against Frankfurt on December 9, following matches against Copenhagen and Union Berlin. It will then have an away match against Manchester United in the Champions League on December 13, and a home match against Stuttgart on December 18. It will be forced to play five games for 18 days. Chances are high that the rotation system will be applied through selection and concentration. Kim Min-jae, who devoted all his energy to his team after the transfer, will also be given a break.
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Saturday, January 20, 2024

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