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Chung Kwan-kwan beat Pepper Savings Bank

When the team was losing the first set by a score of 8-3, it felt anxious about losing the entire round, but as the team won the second set after a neck-and-neck race, it provided an opportunity to reverse the mood. Chung, who has regained rhythm in the third and fourth sets, overwhelmed Pepper Savings Bank to win the game 3-1. With his recent escape from five consecutive losses, his ranking has also jumped one notch from fifth to fourth (5 wins, seven losses, 16 points).

With the Asian quarter "Mega Watty Puttywi" scoring the most 30 points in both teams, Jia displayed stellar performance in the overall offense and defense. Jia, who shook Pepper Savings Bank's reception with strong and sharp serve throughout the game, posted a 56.76 percent success rate with 24 points including two serve aces and one block. She also contributed significantly in defense, including 17 digs.

After the match, Jia said, "We performed well in the first round but lost in the second round in a row, and we experienced despair, frustration, and confusion. If we did not show good performance from the beginning, we would not have felt this way," adding, "I thought about how to show good performance again. I focused on details such as blocking and defense position. If we supplement these points, we will be able to maximize our team's capability."

Ko Hee-jin, head coach of Chung Kwan-jang, found a breakthrough by increasing the amount of training during consecutive losses. "It is true that we are struggling due to increased amount of training," Jia said. "We don't have enough time to rest as we practice both offense and defense on the day after the game, but we have no other option. Changes were needed, and players overcame their fears through training. That's why we were able to win today."

Jia's husband is a trainer-turned-husband, even though she can be exhausted due to hard training and tight schedule for matches. Her husband Danielle, who recently arrived in Korea, is in charge of managing Jia's condition closely. She also showed special affection for Jia at the interview room on the day by recording her husband following her and interviewing her.

"I got married three and a half years ago. My husband is around me, which gives me a lot of strength. He always throws jokes and makes me laugh in the morning. I have difficulty in team training these days, but thanks to my husband, I am digesting it with no burden," Jia said. "My husband was originally my trainer and I am getting help from yoga-like exercise. I don't know what I could do without him," she said to her husband with a tearful look.

Both Jia and Mega struggled with the explosive power of the attack compared to the first round. This is largely due to repeated unstable toss by setters as receiving and defense faltered, but strikers are responsible for solving any situation. Jia's role is important for Jeong to rebound again in the third round.

"I hit the center a lot in the first round, but I tried to make a difference after the second round. My coach and coach showed me my attack chart and asked me to attack the line and diagonally. Since the opposing team also analyzes myself that much, I will think about how to score more points as a striker," he vowed.
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Friday, January 19, 2024

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