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Wazdan releases Black Horse Deluxe

Innovative games designer, Wazdan, is thrilled to announce the launch of Black Horse Deluxe, taking players on a fun-filled journey to the Wild West, where bounty abounds.

After much anticipation following the ICE London conference, where Wazdan unveiled their soon to be launched game titles, Black Horse Deluxe has made it out of the stables and onto Wazdan's partner casinos to be played and enjoyed by eager fans.

Black Horse™ Deluxe transports players to stunning desert landscapes, where they can soak up the beauty of the Wild West, while accompanied by a magnificent black stallion, a cowboy and a cowgirl, all there to cheer on players and guide them through their journey in this wildly entertaining game.

In this six-reel, 20-line slot game, players are able to fill their bonus counter, activating a generous bonus, which gives them the opportunity to collect up to six gold coins that provide the highest win possible. Through the Unique Gamble Feature, players can engage in the most famous and adored cowboy past-time, horseshoe throwing, which gives them the chance to double their win in an instant.

After a high-stakes horseshoe throwing game, during Free Spins, the player – still accompanied by the cowboy and cowgirl – gets to rise the magnificent black stallion through the hot desert in an effort to try and score the highest prizes.

Captivating scenes and landscapes from start to finish, Black Horse Deluxe is a must-play game for all who enjoy stunning visuals, enticing prizes and a fun-packed narrative with high-quality audio and graphics for an immersive gameplay experience.

"We are extremely proud of Black Horse Deluxe, our Wild West game title destined to please even the most discerning slot game player as it takes them on a journey like no other through the desert with friends and their trusty steed, in the pursuit of vast bonuses. Black Horse Deluxe is set to quickly become a player favourite," says Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales at Wazdan.

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Thursday, January 18, 2024
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