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"I'm sorry that I couldn't care about my family."

Kim Young-kwon won the K-League 1 MVP award at the 2023 Hana One Q K-League Grand Prize held at Lotte Hotel World in Songpa-gu, Seoul on Monday. Kim Young-kwon led his team to victory for two consecutive years this season as Ulsan's main defender.

As a result of the vote, Kim Young-kwon secured 44.13 points in total with six votes for coach, four votes for captain, and 55 votes for media, beating out Zeka (41.76 points) of the Pohang Steelers to become the winner of the award. Kim Young-kwon won two gold medals, winning the best 11 in the K League 1 and the MVP at the same time.

Kim Young-kwon, who stood on the podium, thanked his wife and sobbed. He seemed to remain calm until he talked about his team, people around him and parents, but he suddenly burst into tears before mentioning his wife. Kim Young-kwon's wife, who was at the scene, was also seen crying on the broadcast screen.

After the award ceremony, Kim Young-kwon said, "I try to live at home, but I can't because I play soccer. I neglect my home and can't pay much attention to housework. My wife has a lot of things to do alone. I saw her struggle a lot. Still, I see her working for me without showing off her feelings. That reminded me so much."

Kim Young-kwon then said, "My wife sealed it. She told me I should do better next year. I feel responsible. The family is peaceful only when I listen to my wife. I thought I should work harder next year than this year."

Kim Young-kwon shook off good suggestions from other leagues and stayed in Ulsan to achieve his second consecutive win. "When I received the offer, I wanted to go because I was a human being. I had a meeting with the manager for about two to three hours and decided not to go. I learned a lot about the manager's experience and choice. I have no regrets about not going. I think I did well to stay. I am sorry for the financial aspect, but I am satisfied with the MVP position that cannot be exchanged for that," he said.

"I think winning the Asian Cup will be the most important career at this point. I joined the team with the goal of winning the Champions League in Ulsan. I want to go to a tournament and look at a higher place even though I am currently working on it. I want to hear that Kim meant it in the national team," Kim said.
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Thursday, January 18, 2024
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