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'Abando incident' after uncomfortable meeting

Wonju DB's unrivaled run was the hottest topic in the first half. It had a great success in the first half of the season, winning consecutive games except for two consecutive games. Although he was not considered a favorite until the opening of this season, coach Kim Joo-sung has made a big splash by banking on the triple tower of Didrick Lawson, Kim Jong-kyu and Kang Sang-jae and the best guard of Lee Sun-bano since his debut after being labeled as an acting coach.

While the top topic on the court was the DB sensation, the top issue in the first half of the year outside the court was the "Abando incident." During the match between Goyang Sono and Anyang Jeonggwanjang on December 28, Lens Abando (Jeonggwanjang) fell behind Chinanu Onuaku (Sono) and suffered a central injury (broken lumbar spine). Since then, it has turned into an "incident" in which Abando considers civil lawsuits, along with controversy over "slap disciplinary action" and "genuine apology" against Onuaku.

Coincidentally, the teams that were at the center of the top issues in and out of the court in the first half of the year will start in the second half of the year on the 17th. The lingering image of the All-Star Game, which produced the festival of harmony, is also a cold "war mode" for a moment.

First of all, KCC and DB met well while rekindling the mood. After seven consecutive wins - three in a row, KCC will attempt to win four consecutive games, while DB will falter once after five consecutive wins and then seek another three consecutive wins. The key point to watch is whether KCC will be able to put a bell around DB, which finished the first half by maintaining a gap of three games despite the fierce chase of second-ranked Seoul SK. KCC, which has one win after two consecutive losses in the DB match this season, has escaped the jinx of inferiority + turnovers in the first quarter after suffering three consecutive losses.

On the other hand, the jinx of the second half was a problem in this season's DB game. This is evident from the fact that the team collapsed in the second half of the third and fourth quarters when the team suffered consecutive losses in the first and second rounds, and that the team won in the third round after overwhelming the second half. The court resulted from Song Kyo-chang's recovery from the aftereffects of his injury, Heo Woong's adjustment of playing time and allotment in the second half.

The key players of the two teams are also paying attention. Kang Sang-jae, a key player in the DB, is a variable. Kang was even absent from the All-Star Game due to severe body aches and enteritis. Given the "at least one month" trend, it is uncertain whether he will be in the game that could threaten KCC as before. In contrast, in KCC, shooter Lee Keun-hwi is full of confidence. At the last All-Star game, Lee Keun-hwi was named the "three-point shooting king" with his best performance ever. As KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin said, "When throwing without wearing defense in training, you are the best." If KCC overcomes its weakness of being weak in performance in the DB game, it will be even better for KCC. Lee's success rate of three-point shooting reached 80 percent (four out of five) in this season's DB game.

Sono and Jeong are uncomfortable return matches. The two teams, which have lost two games in a row, are also in a hurry to escape consecutive losses, and will meet for the first time since the incident at the venue (Sono Arena in Goyang). Jeong, who lost all three games to Sono in their showdowns this season, is visiting Goyang again after losing all the way to the peninsula due to "incidents," which is why he has no choice but to pay special attention to the situation. Furthermore, after it became known that the peninsula is also considering whether Onuaku should apologize and when to deliver the apology, the two teams have held a "truth fight" behind the scenes, and the peninsula is still considering lawsuits.

A basketball official said, "The sono of coach Kim Seung-ki, who led the team's general manager Hafeel, is drawing attention. I just hope that the problem between Onuaku and Avalokitesvara will not escalate into an emotional confrontation between the team and the players."
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Wednesday, January 17, 2024
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