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"I wasn't injured so much that I couldn't walk... “Of course you

On the 25th, a welcome face stood out at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, where the '2023 Lapac Sports Day' was held. The main character is Samsung Lions infielder Lee Jae-hyun.

Lee Jae-hyun, who showed symptoms of left shoulder dislocation throughout the season, was examined at the hospital on the 16th of last month and was diagnosed as needing surgery for habitual dislocation. He underwent left shoulder labrum surgery at a hospital in Seoul on the 23rd.

Lee Jae-hyeon, who met with a reporter ahead of the event, said, “After the surgery, my shoulder feels a lot softer. “He is currently undergoing a basic rehabilitation course and is recovering smoothly thanks to the good care provided by the training department.”

He added, “After two detailed examinations, I was told that my condition was not good, so I underwent surgery, but I am glad that I no longer have to worry about dislocating my shoulder.”

He, who participated in the club event while wearing a brace, smiled and said, “I’m not injured so much that I can’t walk, and it’s a club event that happens only a few times a year, so of course I have to come.”

Lee Jae-hyun will also attend a fan-invited pork belly party prepared by Kang Min-ho on the 2nd of next month. He said, “It’s nice to have the opportunity to say hello to the fans, and I’m always grateful for their consistent support.”

Meanwhile, Jae-Hyun Lee, who graduated from Seoul High School and started his professional career after being selected in the first round by Samsung last year, played as the starting shortstop this season and played in 143 games, batting average of .2449 (114 hits in 458 at-bats), 12 home runs, 60 RBIs, and 61 runs. He scored and left 5 stolen bases.

His batting indicators have improved noticeably, including his first triple-digit hits and double-digit home runs in his debut. In particular, he performed hotly in the month of August with a batting average of .305, 7 ERA (20 hits in 56 at-bats), 3 home runs, and 12 RBI.

Coach Park Jin-man, who was called the ‘nation’s shortstop’ during his active years, said, “It’s amazing that a second-year shortstop can do as well as he does. He has become much more skillful and sophisticated than last year.”

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