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Honest and honest thoughts → Ups and downs and cuteness reveale

‘Idols’ representing the Lotte Giants came out in full force.

On the 25th, the Lotte team held a fan meeting called ‘Sajik Entertainment Center’ to end the year at the Busan main branch of Lotte Department Store.

On this day, 8 players, including Shim Jae-min, Lee Jung-hoon, Choi Jun-yong, Jin Seung-hyun, Son Seong-bin, Yoon Dong-hee, Kim Min-seok, and Jeon Mir, and 270 fans had a great time together. Cheerleader Jo Ji-hoon served as host. The players played various games with a passionate attitude and entertained the fans.

Giveaways were held for fans, such as guessing the player's cheering song and the OX quiz to guess the player's records or details. The most enviable prize was a worn-in uniform with coach Kim Tae-hyung's autograph.

Director Kim Tae-hyung continued with a surprise video message to fans. Coach Kim strengthened his resolve, saying, "I want to be with the fans at a higher place next year. I will definitely go to the fall baseball game."

Along with the song, the players who were the main characters of the day appeared. I was impressed by the refreshing hoodie instead of the usual uniform. Choi Jun-yong and Yoon Dong-hee received cheers from fans with a ceremony in which they raised their arms.

Jaemin Shim said of his debut game as a starter against the SSG Landers on August 17th, "I was disappointed that I couldn't pitch 5 innings." He then received warm applause by suggesting that his goals for the next season would be "the first quality start in my life, over 100 innings, and 10 wins as a starter."

Jeon Mir threw out the first pitch against the LG Twins on October 5th, when the Rookie Day event was held. Rookie players' first pitches often miss due to excessive tension. When asked why he threw an accurate strike, Jeon Mir made the crowd laugh by replying, “It was because I slipped for a moment.” After hesitating for a moment when asked to 'sing your favorite cheer song', he sang 'Oh Lotte's Ahn Chi-hong', eliciting sighs and screams.

Donghee Yoon received recommendations from fans, saying, “I want to change the song I appear on,” and songs such as Champion (Psy) and Fire (BTS) were released. Jin Seung-hyun replied, “I want to learn knuckleball and forkball.”

Kim Min-seok drew cheers from fans by showing off his dog Milky, saying, "He likes to walk, doesn't bark, and feels good when we sleep together." When asked about his ‘favorite dessert,’ Lee Jung-hoon showed off his unexpected expertise by saying, “Financier (a type of French bread).”

Players and fans were divided into four teams and fiercely competed for infield tickets (two per person) for next year's home opening game. We took quizzes together and performed missions.

Although Choi Jun-yong failed in 'Eating snacks without using hands', he received applause for his effort using all of his facial muscles. In the 'Callback Challenge', Jin Seung-hyun chose Kim Sang-soo, a senior, and showed off a stormy ceremony after answering the phone as number one. Kim Sang-soo expressed his gratitude to the fans and expressed his determination, "I will work hard to win next year for the first time in 32 years."

Son Seong-bin and Yoon Dong-hee embarked on a mission to ‘float toilet paper without touching hands’. The two were embarrassed, saying, "What if our lips collide?", but unexpectedly, they showed off their strong mouth movements and succeeded in keeping the toilet paper in the air for over 10 seconds. In ‘Speak with Your Body’, Kim Min-seok’s acting that gave his whole body made the audience laugh. The team of Shim Jae-min and Lee Jung-hoon, who finished in last place, thrilled fans with their 'four cuts in life' pose.

The event, which lasted about 2 hours and 40 minutes, was exclusively for Lotte fans. The players' efforts to actively provide fan service were highlighted by the warm cheers.

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