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SUZOHAPP announces separation of cash handling business

SUZOHAPP announced the separation of its gaming and amusement business from its cash handling business, effective immediately.  The new cash handling business will be called PayComplete. SUZOHAPP will focus solely on its core gaming, amusement, and sports betting business.

“As our offerings grew in number and complexity, it became apparent that we could operate more efficiently and serve our customers more effectively by separating into two independent entities,” said Sim Bielak, Global President of SUZOHAPP.  “The increased focus we can now bring to our Gaming & Amusement business will bring us closer to the customer as we align our offerings more directly with their needs.”

With its 60-year history of serving the gaming and amusement industry, SUZOHAPP is returning to its roots.  This renewed focus on its core business will bring value to both the business and its customers.

“Moving forward, our customers can expect much greater attention to be given to understanding and meeting their needs quickly, efficiently and cost effectively,” continued Bielak.  “Our optimized operations will allow for increased innovation, improved response times and greater customer service.  2021 will be a great year for SUZOHAPP and its customers.”
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Saturday, January 13, 2024
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