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Gyeongbok High School, winner this year, Korea University, winne

Korea University and Gyeongbokgung High School held practice games on the 10th and 12th. The university and high school tested new students using practice games and tested various player combinations and possibilities during the regular season. It was also an opportunity for college teams to observe high school prospects.

Perhaps many basketball leaders chose Gyeongbokgung Palace as the year's most powerful high school. Second graders, such as Lee Keun-jun, Yoon Hyun-sung, Kim Sung-hoon, and Lee Byung-yeop, who won second place in last year's term as the federation's president, have grown even more. In particular, the barefoot, 203-centimeter-tall Yoon Hyun-sung and 205-centimeter-tall Kim Sung-hoon do not lack overwhelming height expression.

Of the first and second graders who signed up for the middle and high school basketball league last year, only four were tall men who were over 2 meters. Two of them are at Gyeongbokgung Palace and are taller than the other two. Of course, there may be more men who are over 2 meters because he is still a tall high school player. Still, the two players have no shortage in their competitiveness.

Lim Seong-seong, a coach at Gyeongbokgung High School, says that Yoon Hyun-sung's strength is his athletic ability. He is so resilient that his head touches the rim when jumping. He has superior strength and speed compared to his height. Kim's strength is his sincerity. Lim says he trains quietly and steadily and concentrates well.

Captain Lee Keun-jun is a 197-cm tall shooter. He received the Excellence Award for making at least three 3-pointers in all of the last four games of the 2023 Federation Presidential Championship. Only five players are taller than 195 cm, including Song Han-jun (Freshman, 195) and prospective freshman Kim Ho-won (Samseon Middle School, third grade, 197).

The backcourt includes Lee Byung-yeop (183), who won the High School Assistance Award last year following the league's MVP in 2021, and Yoon Ji-hoon (183 of Samseon Middle School), who won five gold medals last year. Jeong Si-hoo (185), who is good at shooting, balances his offense on the outside.

What Lim is most wary of is the players' excessive confidence. I think the evaluation of "best power" is not satisfactory for players who are in the process of learning. Yongsan High School, a rival with a lot of experience in winning, has a lot of power. In many cases, the power is not proportional to the performance. That's why we need to focus more.

Of course, Lim's eyes are on the championship trophy. Last year, he only won the runner-up prize twice. He lost to Yongsan High School twice. "I don't want to lose a single game this year. I hope that the players will face off against the strongest Korea University with strong spirit of challenge."
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Saturday, January 13, 2024
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