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Which domestic scorers dominated the KBL?

Seo Jang-hoon_Before His Times…Big Man Throwing Three-Point Shoots
A total of 13,231 points (No. 1 overall) 19.2 points (No. 1 in Korea)
He is a big man but has displayed diverse attack routes, with an average of 1.8 3-pointers. When Seo made his debut, even the word "stretch 4" was unfamiliar to him. In other words, he was a big man ahead of his time. He scored 25.4 points in his debut season, and recorded more than 20 points on average for seven consecutive seasons through the 2004-2005 season. Except for the 2000-2001 season when he played only 24 games due to finger injury, he was never out of the top 10 in the overall scoring list. Given that he steadily accumulated physical struggle with foreign players due to the nature of his position, the record is worth more than the number.

He scored fewer than 20 points (19.7 points) for the first time in the 2005-2006 season, when the free agency system introduced more advanced foreign players, but he finished his career by scoring double-digit points in all seasons except for the 2011-2012 season (7.5 points) that saw him suffer ups and downs at the Changwon LG Twins. More than 10 years after his retirement, he still tops the list with 13,231 points overall. "This record will not be broken," Seo said in an entertainment program. He also averaged 19.2 points in 688 games, which is also the highest among Korean players.

Kim Joo-sung's claws were as sharp as his defense
A total of 12,288 points (4th overall) and an average of 13.9 points (8th in Korea)
Some might question, "Should we consider Kim Joo-sung as the category of scorers?" As he was the core of Dongbu Fortress, which boasts outstanding defense capability with 1,037 total block shots, two excellent defense, and five defensive plays, Kim is a player who dominated the game even with his offense. With his height (205 centimeters) and mobility, he even played the role of a fast-paced trailer, leaving his presence on the court.

He also increased his shooting range as the seasons went on. When he built Dongbu Fortress, he became one of Kim Joo-sung's best weapons, and he opened his eyes to 3-pointers in his final years. He only made six attempts in the three seasons since his debut, but in the three seasons before retirement, he had an average success rate of 38.4 percent (158/411) by throwing 3.1 shots in 133 games. Although he failed to make the official list by playing only 26 games, his success rate of 3-pointers in the 2015-2016 season reached 48.5 percent (32/66). He is the second highest scorer among Korean players, following Seo Jang-hoon.

Choo Seung-kyun_Not fancy, but the core of the dynasty
A total of 10,19 points (5th overall) and an average of 13.6 points (11th in Korea)
His nickname during his active career was "strong, quiet." He did not have fancy personal skills or elasticity, but he was a veteran who knew how to attack defense with such skill. Post-ups based on solid basic skills and fade-away shots finishing with bank shots were his specialty. He was a key player in the modern dynasty, scoring double-digit goals 13 times during his 15 seasons since his debut. His overall success rate of two-point shots (53.8 percent), three-point shots (37.7 percent), and free throws (86.6 percent) was also stable.

Like Kim Joo-sung, Choo was also a forward who combined offense and defense. While Lee Sang-min and Cho Sung-won, who were in their prime with six defensive backs, led KCC's attack, Choo was a housekeeper who combined offense and defense. His overall score dropped to fifth place after Aaron Haynes, Ra Gun-ah, and Kim Joo-sung, but he is the second player in KCC's history to surpass 10,000 points following Seo Jang-hoon. He is also ranked second in the number of points scored by a Korean player in a single game (2006.10.21 vs. SK 38 points). Ranked first on the day of his statement, Choo has 40 points.

Moon Kyung-eun_Three-point shoot is Moon Kyung-eun, pioneer of 'K-Free Throw'
A total of 9347 points (6th overall) and an average of 15.3 points (3rd in Korea)
He has an unrivaled record when it comes to 3-point shooting. He ranks first with 1,669 overall, and has a 517 gap with Joo Hui-jeong (1152). The best active shooter, Jeon Seong-hyeon, has 815 goals in 386 games. Simply put, even if Jeon scores as many 3-point shots as he has so far, Moon cannot beat Moon. Moon's 3-point shooting was explosive and stable at the same time. He made 4,226 goals and recorded a success rate of 39.5 percent.

After receiving the screen, he showed excellent ability to create shooting opportunities, and his shooting balance was also the best ever. He was the only Korean player to rank in the top 10 in scoring with an average of 25 points in the 1997-1998 season after being discharged from the military. Although the time spent in the last three seasons was reduced to less than 20 minutes on average, he is still ranked third in Korea with an average of 15.3 points in 610 games. Since the launch of the KBL, he has also been a pioneer in "K-free throws" that he tries with bank shots. The 94.6% success rate of free throws recorded in the 2008-2009 season is a season record that is still unbroken.

Moon Tae-young_KBL's first domestic top scorer in history
A total of 8,417 points (8th overall) and an average of 15.2 points (4th in Korea)
She made her debut in the KBL through the 2009 Mixed Blood Draft. She was selected by LG as the third choice after Jeon Tae-pung and Lee Seung-joon, but retired, scoring the most points and recording the highest average among mixed blood players ever. She also set a meaningful record in the 2009-2010 season. She scored an average of 21.9 points, beating over Jasper Johnson (19.5 points), to rank No. 1 in overall score. She is the first and only player registered as a Korean player since the launch of the KBL.

Mid-range shots and breakthroughs were the main routes for offense, and LG fans were often called "Moon Corby." His weakness was that he often couldn't maintain his composure to the extent that he wrote a memorandum to Yoo Jae-hak when he was playing for Mobis (currently Hyundai Mobis), but he proved his value in the championship game in 2013-2014. He scored 22.2 points in six games on average, giving Mobis the fifth title as a playoff MVP. He is also the only player who has naturalized as a mixed-race player to date.
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