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How will Hyundai Mobis Park Moo-bin-Ok Zone operate a two-guard

The guards of Hyundai Mobis started the season with the members of the team, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Ji-wan. However, the members of the team who used to be the main guards were out for the season, and Kim Tae-wan was absent due to lackluster performance and injury. Having struggled due to a series of departures and sluggish performances, Hyundai Mobis gained breathing room with the addition of Park Moo-bin.

Okjon from the Philippines also made his KBL debut late last month. Okjon, who joined the team late last month, recently scored three winning points in the game against KT, leading his team to a dramatic victory. "If Park Moo-bin comes and the Asian quarter joins us, it will be different," Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun said.

Having two good guards, Hyundai Mobis naturally had concerns about the two-guard system. This is to maximize the effect by putting Park Moo-bin and Ok-zone together. However, it is hard to see right now. In the match against KCC on the 9th, Park and Ok-zone played alternately.

There is a prerequisite for putting the two together. Park Moo-bin has 0.9 three-point shots per game, and the success rate is only 24.5%. The success rate of shots is too low. Okzone also has a success rate of 30.8%.

"In order for Park and Ok-zone to play together, we need to increase the success rate of their shots. They need to be able to overcome the strong pressure from the opponent team's front line. As they are still young, we will be able to try (to put in two guards)," Cho said.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2024
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